California Energy Commission investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure support the Governor’s goal of getting 1.5 million ZEVs on California roads by 2025.

Increased adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is key to achieving California’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction and air quality goals. The California Energy Commission’s investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure supports the Governor’s directive to state governments to accelerate the market for 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles, including plug-in electric vehicles, by 2025. Cumulative sales of plug-in electric vehicles are steadily growing in California, with more than 275,000 sold through February 2017.

As of December 2016, the Energy Commission has awarded more than $64 million to electric vehicle charging infrastructure, helping to install nearly 8,000 charging stations with almost 9,000 charging outlets throughout the state. These investments helped California establish the largest network of nonresidential chargers in the nation.

Here are two grant projects that will contribute to the continued deployment of electric charging infrastructure.

  • The Energy Commission awarded the Bay Area Charge Ahead Project 2 a $474,052 grant to install 37 dual-port electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) in 10 communities at 20 separate sites located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Stations were installed in Benicia, Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, Napa, Novato, Petaluma, Richmond, San Leandro, and Yountville.

  • The Energy Commission awarded ChargePoint a $9.2 million dollar grant to install 98 Express Plus stations and 54 Level 2 stations on 15 major corridors in California. Three-quarters of the 54 awarded sites will have multiple direct current fast charger (DCFC) stations. All sites will be built to enable future additions of more DCFC charging stations including stations with higher charging power capability that will allow longer range batteries to quickly recharge.

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  • Provided funding for nearly 8,000 EV charging stations with almost 9,000 charging outlets throughout the state.

  • Increased public access to charging stations which support the development of a convenient and reliable network. The Energy Commission’s 43 grants for zero-emission vehicle regional readiness and planning help regions plan for vehicle deployment, new fueling infrastructure, and permit streamlining.

Type of Project

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

ARFVTP Award Amount

The program has awarded more than $64 million in plug-in electric charging infrastructure.




The California Energy Commission invests in electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout California


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