Energy Videos Center - Archive

Archived Contents

The Energy Videos Center (EVC) website is no longer available. Within the website were 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Standards) educational videos. This Energy Videos Center - Archive page provides the EVC website’s video contents, based on original media data files.

During the 2008 Energy Standards code cycle, EVC DVDs were provided in efforts to educate parties on Energy Standards compliance requirements. These DVDs contained videos that were also located on the EVC website. The webpage you are presently visiting has an Energy Videos Center file available for download. This download contains videos provided within the DVD


Two downloads are available. One item is a READ ME.pdf document that contains details about the contents within the Energy Videos Center file. The other item is an Energy Videos Center file that contains 68 videos. This Energy Videos Center file size is 1.80 GB and the time required to complete this download depends on available internet speeds.

After downloading and extracting contents from the Energy Videos Center file, archived contents can be accessed by opening the index.html file. If errors occur while extracting the zip file, please ensure the computer being used has up to date zip compatible software installed.

System and Video Player Requirements

The Energy Videos Center file is based on the original EVC DVD and has the same computer system requirements. The DVD was originally designed for PC (Windows) use only. Most videos within the DVD were created in Flash format, which requires a player capable of opening Flash Video (flv) files. The remaining videos require a player capable of opening Windows Media Video (wmv) files.