Public Participation in the Energy Efficiency Standards Update

The Energy Commission encourages public participation in all its proceedings.

To participate in the rulemaking process for the update to the Energy Code you can attend one or more of the workshops and provide verbal comments to the record. Written comments can be submitted to the rulemaking docket. Instructions for submitting comments can be found on each Workshop Notice.

Members of the public can propose an energy efficiency measure for consideration in current or future Energy Code updates. To document the proposed measure and cost-effectiveness, use the Building Energy Efficiency Measure Proposal Template. Recent samples of past Proposals are available on our website. The analysis of your proposed measure should use the most up-to-date housing and commercial construction data.

The Public Adviser's Office is available to assist the public with participation in Energy Commission proceedings.

Please sign-up on the Building Standards list serve to be informed of ongoing activities regarding updates to the Standards.

The investor-owned utilities hold stakeholder meetings to begin discussion on their sponsored measure proposals. These stakeholder meetings are not run by the Energy Commission and participation is not required in order to participate in the Energy Commission proceeding.