ATTCP Update Reports

Once an ATTCP is approved, it must report any changes that are made to the curricula of the training program, or any other modifications, to its current approved application to the Energy Commission for approval. Minor changes can be approved by the Executive Director, but major changes must be approved at an Energy Commission Business Meeting. Update reports may be submitted at any time as the situation warrants, but must be submitted in response to adopted updates in the Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Mandatory update reports must be submitted no less than six months prior to the effective date of the newly adopted (or amended) Standards and must contain a signed certification that the ATTCP has met all requirements for the ATTCP program.

Mechanical Systems

California State Pipe Trades Council (CSPTC)

National Energy Management Institute Committee (NEMIC)

National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)

Lighting Controls

California Advanced Lighting Controls Training Program (CALCTP)

National Lighting Contractors Association of America (NLCAA)