Post Adoption on
2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Lead Commissioner: Andrew McAllister

Post-Adoption 2016 Standards

The California Energy Commission is opening a public process for the Post-Adoption development of the Compliance Manuals and Documentation, as well as the Compliance Software for the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Dockets for the Compliance Manuals and Document, and Compliance Software will be opened as those items become ready for public review.

  • 16-BSTD-03 - (open) - Updates to 2016 Residential Alternative Calculation Manual Reference Manual and Software

  • 16-BSTD-05 - (Closed) - 2016 Nonresidential Compliance Manual Subchapters and Documents Related to Lighting Alterations

  • 15-BSTD-02 - (Closed) - Draft 2016 Residential Compliance Manual and Documents

  • 15-BSTD-04 - (Closed) - Draft 2016 Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manuals and Compliance Software Tools

  • 15-BSTD-05 - (Closed) - Draft 2016 Nonresidential Compliance Manual and Documents


  • For questions about the 2016 Standards program proceedings, please call the Energy Standards Hotline.

  • For members of the news media, please contact the Media and Public Communications Office at 916-654-4989.


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