Local Ordinances Exceeding the
2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Public Resources Code Section 25402.1(h)2 and Section 10-106 of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Standards) establish a process which allows local adoption of energy standards that are more stringent than the statewide Standards. This process allows local governments to adopt and enforce energy standards before the statewide Standards effective date, require additional energy conservation measures, and/or set more stringent energy budgets. Local governments are required to apply to the Energy Commission for approval, documenting the supporting analysis for how the local government has determined that their proposed Standards will save more energy than the current statewide Standards and the basis of the local government's determination that the local standards are cost-effective. Once the Energy Commission staff has verified that the local standards will require buildings to use no more energy than the current statewide Standards and that the documentation requirements in Section 10-106 are met, the application is brought before the full Energy Commission for approval.

The California Energy Commission commends the following local agencies that have adopted energy ordinances requiring more stringent energy requirements than those set by California's 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Title 24, Part 6.

Local Ordinances Date Approved Application PDF
Culver City June 20, 2007 Culver City Local Ordinance
Culver City May 6, 2009 Culver City Green Building Application
Culver City Green Building Draft Ordinance
La Quinta June 8, 2005 La Quinta Local Ordinance
Los Altos August 13, 2008 Los Altos Local Ordinance
Los Altos Hills October 11, 2006 Los Altos Hills Local Ordinance
Marin County June 18, 2008 Marin County Local Ordinance
Mill Valley March 15, 2006 Mill Valley Local Ordinance
Palo Alto November 5, 2008 Palo Alto Local Ordinance
Palm Desert October 30, 2006 Palm Desert Local Ordinance
Rohnert Park March 14, 2007 Rohnert Park Local Ordinance
San Francisco, City and County of September 24, 2008 San Francisco Local Ordinance
San Mateo County June 18, 2008 San Mateo Local Ordinance
Santa Barbara January 16, 2008 Santa Barbara Local Ordinance
Santa Monica September 21, 2005 Santa Monica Local Ordinance
Santa Rosa April 2, 2008 Santa Rosa Local Ordinance