Docket Number: 01-AFC-5C

Compliance Notices

Compliance Documents

Order Approving a Petition to Extend the On-Line Date for Phase 2. Date on line: November 14, 2005. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 2 pages, 76 kilobytes.)

Notice of Receipt of Valero's Petition to Extend the On-Line Date of Phase 2 and Public Review of Staff Analysis. Date on line: October 17, 2005. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 4 pages, 76 kilobytes.)

Valero's Petition for Extension of On-Line date for Phase II of the Valero Cogeneration Project, Date on line: August 11, 2005. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 6 pages, 36 kilobytes.)

Staff Analysis of Extension of On-Line Date for Phase 2 from December 31, 2002, to November 1, 2005, Date on line: September 30, 2003. (Adobe Acrobat PDF file, 9 pages, 38 kilobytes.)