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      Date: January 14, 1998
      Telephone ATSS( )

To: William J. Keese, Chairman
    David A. Rohy, Ph.D., Vice Chair
    Jananne Sharpless, Commissioner
    Michal C. Moore, Commissioner
    Robert A. Laurie, Commissioner

From:   California Energy Commission   Stephen Rhoads, Executive Director
        1516 Ninth Street
        Sacramento 95814-5512

Subject: Sutter Power Project -- Data Adequacy Recommendation


Staff recommends the Energy Commission accept the Sutter Power Project Application for Certification (97-AFC-2) as data adequate.


On December 15, 1997, Calpine Corporation filed the Sutter Power Project Application for Certification (97-AFC-2). The project, as proposed by Calpine Corporation, is a 500 megawatt, natural gas-fired, combined cycle, electric generation facility. The project is proposed to be located adjacent to Calpine's Greenleaf 1 cogeneration plant, approximately seven miles southwest of Yuba City. The land dedicated for the facility will comprise about 12 acres of Calpine's 77 acre parcel.

Staff's preliminary data adequacy review identified two areas, biology and visual, requiring additional information. On January 8, 1998, Calpine filed 125 copies of supplemental information which staff reviewed and found acceptable.

In reviewing the air quality information, all the necessary data has been provided to satisfy our data adequacy requirements. In addition, our data adequacy regulations require that the AFC contain all the necessary information for the local air pollution control district to complete a Determination of Compliance. In a January 13, 1998, phone call from Ken Corbin, Air Pollution Control Officer for the Feather River Air Quality Management District, he indicated that the air district was satisfied with the completeness of the Calpine application to the air district.

We have received letters from the California Urban Water Agencies, Contra Costa Water District, California Department of Fish and Game, Sutter County Office of Emergency Services and California Unions for Reliable Energy (CURE). Staff has reviewed each letter and agrees that the issues raised are important issues that will be addressed during the discovery and analysis phase of our process. Staff has either called or met with each organization regarding their comments. Each agree that the issues they have raised are not matters of data adequacy but issues for resolution during the proceedings, with the exception of CURE. CURE believes that more information is necessary in air quality, water resources, biological resources and public health before the AFC is accepted by the Commission as data adequate. Prior to the January 21, 1998 Business Meeting, we will provide you with a copy of staff's written response to CURE.

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