Project Status: Licensed; In Compliance Phase.
Operational: September 3, 2001

Applicant: AltaGas San Joaquin Energy, Inc.
Location: , Kings County
Size: 95 Megawatt Peaking Power Plant

Key Dates

  • April 9, 2001 - Small Power Plant Exemption (EP) filed
  • April 12, 2001 - Commission accepts EP as "data adequate."
  • May 7, 2001 - Commission approves Small Power Plant Exemption.
  • September 3, 2001 - Power plant on line and producing power.


On May 10, 2001, the California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) approved a license (Original License) for the Hanford Energy Park Emergency Peaker Project (HEPP), a 95 megawatt natural-gas fired simple-cycle peaking facility located approximately three miles south of the City of Hanford, Kings County (GWF Hanford Peaker). The HEPP consists of two aero-derivative General Electric LM6000 combustion turbine-generator sets operating in simple-cycle mode equipped with dry, low oxides of nitrogen combustors and steam injection capability. The HEPP presently uses up to 150 acre-feet per year of groundwater from a well located on the project owner’s adjacent cogeneration plant for plant cooling and other uses. The project began commercial operation on September 2, 2001.

On March 24, 2010, the Energy Commission approved an amendment (Amended License) allowing the conversion of the GWF Hanford Peaker to a combined-cycle facility known as the GWF Hanford Combined-Cycle Power Project.

Based on changing market conditions, GWF Energy LLC (GWF) did not move forward with the combined-cycle conversion as expected. On November 17, 2014, the Energy Commission approved a petition for the revocation of the 2010 Amended Final Decision for the GWF Hanford Combined Cycle Power Project and the reinstatement and extension of the original 2001 Hanford Energy Park Emergency Peaker Project Certification.

On April 13, 2016, ownership of the HEPP was transferred GWF Energy LLC to AltaGas San Joaquin Energy Inc., and operational control of the HEPP was transferred from Star West Generation Management Company to AltaGas Tracy Operations Inc.

Emergency Power Plant Permitting Process

Under Public Resources Code section 25705, if the legislature or the Governor declares a state of energy emergency, the Energy Commission has emergency authority to order the construction and use of generating facilities under terms and conditions it specifies to protect the public interest. This authority can be invoked only if the Legislature or Governor declares a state of emergency and the Energy Commission determines that all reasonable conservation, allocation, and service restriction measures may not alleviate an energy supply emergency.

Governor Gray Davis declared a state of emergency on January 17, 2001. On February 8 and March 7, 2001, the Governor issued several executive orders, including Executive Orders D-26-01 and D-28-01, in which the Governor ordered the Energy Commission to expedite the processing of applications for peaking and renewable power plants that were to be on line by September 30, 2001. The Governor also declared that these projects were emergency projects under Public Resources Code section 21080(b)(4), and were thereby exempt from the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The goal of this 21-day emergency permitting process was to identify and permit power plants that could respond to the energy emergency without sacrificing the public’s health or safety or California’s environment.

For Questions about this Certification Proceeding Contact:

Anwar Ali
Project Manager
Siting, Transmission and Environmental Protection (STEP) Division
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-15
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-698-7498

For Questions About Public Participation In Certification Proceedings Contact:

Public Advisor
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS-12 Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-654-4489
Toll-Free in California: 1-800-822-6228

News Media Please Contact:

Media & Public Communications Office
Phone: 916-654-4989

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