[California Energy Commission Letterhead]

SUBJ:Otay Mesa Energy Center, Petition To Modify Gas Pipeline Route 2C Alignment, Filed May 27, 2005 - WITHDRAWAL OF THAT PORTION PROPOSING MODIFICATION TO CONDITION OF CERTIFICATION BIO-10.

Calpine Corporation/Otay Mesa Energy Center LLC (Calpine) proposed, as part of its May 27, 2005 Petition, modification of BIO-10 to reduce compensation for temporary and permanent impacts to sensitive species habitat from 43.7 acres to 42.47 (p. 4-1). On July 12, 2005, Calpine informed the Energy Commission (email from E. Merrihew to M. Pryor) that it was withdrawing the requested modification to BIO-10.

Requests for information may be submitted to the Energy Commission's Compliance Project Manager, Marc Pryor, at either (916) 653-0159 or by e-mail at mpryor@energy.state.ca.us.

Date on line: July 21, 2005

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