Modeling Tool to Maximize Solar + Storage

Docket # 19-MISC-04

California leads the nation in installed solar rooftop systems and is home to advanced technology companies designing and manufacturing battery storage, communicating controls, and electric vehicles that comprise the emerging smart grid. Solar is a great resource, but is already hitting high penetration limits on distribution systems. The California Independent System Operator is projecting that further increases will make integration challenging. As the penetration of solar increases and technology costs decrease, opportunities will arise to increase the benefits of solar by shaping its output with battery storage, advanced controls on electrical consumption, and other DERs. To capture the value from these technologies and to provide a stable long-term value proposition to accelerate their development and deployment, grid planners and operators need to integrate the capabilities these technologies provide into the planning and operations of the electricity grid.

The functionalities of the Solar+ Storage Modeling Tool will result in of lower electricity costs to ratepayers. Investor-owned utilities (IOUs) will be able to incentivize customer use of DER through tariffs and programs, and align this use with the needs of the electricity grid. By incentivizing the provision of grid services from DERs, IOUs can avoid buying those services from other providers, reduce fuel burn, avoid investments in new generation capacity, and defer investments in new transmission and distribution infrastructure.

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