Warren-Alquist Act

State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Act
Division 15 of the Public Resources Code

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2019 Edition
Publication Number: CEC-140-2019-001
Revised February 2019

The Warren-Alquist Act is the legislation that created and gives statutory authority to the California Energy Commission (formally called the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission).

Printed copies of the Warren-Alquist Act document are available from the Commission publications unit by calling 916-654-5200. Please ask for the publication number listed above. Or you can download a PDF version from the link below.

Questions about the Warren-Alquist Act should be addressed to the Commission's Office of the Chief Counsel by calling, 916-654-3951.

Download Warren-Alquist Act    Revised Edition, February 2019.
(PDF, 208 pages, 1.07 mb).

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