"Old" Documents and Forms Archives for California's Renewable Energy Programs

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Please note that the documents below are for archival purposes and for applications that were filed prior to the latest version of each guidebook. Individual forms have been deleted, but they are included in the back of each of the guidebooks.

If you need the NEWEST guidebooks, please go to the main Renewables Program documents page.

Overall Program Guidebook

Consumer Education Sub-Account Documents

Customer Credit Account Documents

Emerging Renewable Buydown / Rebate Program Documents

Archived Forms

Existing Renewables Account Documents

New Renewables Resources Account Documents

Pilot Performance-Based Incentive Program

The Pilot PSI Program has concluded.

Renewables Portfolio Standard Program

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For assistance regarding the Renewable Energy Program areas, please contact:

Renewable Energy Call Center
Toll Free - 1-844-454-2906
Outside California - 916-653-0237
E-mail: Renewable@energy.ca.gov