Understanding the Energy Commission Docket

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Understanding the Energy Commission "Docket"

In short, a "docket" is an official record. At the Energy Commission, it is the legal or evidentiary record (as well as the administrative record) that is maintained on each Energy Commission rule making and regulatory proceeding, including certification of energy facilities. Once a rule making or regulatory proceeding (such as a power plant siting case) is formally opened, a new docket number is assigned. During the course of a proceeding an enormous volume of paper can be filed. This material becomes part of the official record or docket and may consist of items such as:

  • Transcripts of hearings, conferences, meetings, and workshops
  • Orders, notices, briefs, testimony, reports, and exhibits
  • All correspondence in a proceeding to and from the Energy Commission or Energy Commission Committees and staff, Federal, State and local agencies, intervenors, interested parties, as well as the general public.

The public can file, or "docket", a comment in a proceeding's administrative record through the Energy Commission's online e-commenting system for power plant siting projects, by personal delivery, by e-mail of smaller documents (5 MB maximum file size), or by postage prepaid first class mail or equivalent delivery service. All filed material is stamped with the case docket number and date received.

Exhibits in siting cases, on the other hand, are documents entered into the record at hearings. They do not become official exhibits until approved by the presiding member or the hearing officer. Subsequently, the project secretary accepts all exhibits submitted and approved at a hearing.

A comprehensive master log is maintained on each siting case or proceeding. This Docket Log is publicly available on the siting case or proceeding website, or can be requested from the Dockets Unit.

Copies of any document in the record can be obtained at the price of $0.10 per page and mailed to you. If the request is less than ten pages, no fee is charged.