Public Comments at any Proceeding

The Energy Commission encourages the public to submit written and oral comments during proceedings:

Written Comments

Written comments and materials become part of the public record for the proceeding. If you are a member of the public, please submit written comments on power plant siting proceedings through the Energy Commission's e-commenting system. Public comments on non-siting proceedings can be personally delivered, sent by e-mail (5 MB maximum file size), or sent by (postage prepaid) first class mail or equivalent delivery service, with the proceeding docket number, to:

California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS 4
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 654-5076

If you are a party to a power plant siting proceeding, such as an intervenor, you are encouraged to submit your written comments through the Energy Commission e-filing system.

Docketed written comments will be searchable via the Internet. If you provide personal information such as your email address or home address in your comments or materials, that information will become part of the public record as well. Please consider whether your personal information is essential to your comment before providing it to the Energy Commission.

Oral Comments

Formal Meetings

Business meetings and other formal Energy Commission proceedings include specific times for public comment. The public may provide comment during formal meetings in person, online via WebEx, or via phone.

In Person

Blue speaker cards are available for the orderly sequencing of speakers at proceedings. If you wish to make oral public comments on agenda or non-agenda items, please fill out a blue card and hand it to the appropriate Commission representative.

When your name is called to speak, step up to the podium, clearly state your name for the record, spell your name and make your comments. Be aware that there are usually time limits set for comments to provide equal time for all commenters. At Energy Commission Business Meetings, the time limit is usually three minutes.

Online/Via Phone

The Energy Commission facilitates participation by broadcasting many of our public meetings and workshops over the internet using WebEx online meeting service. The public can use WebEx through a computer, tablet, or phone. Full details about the broadcast of a meeting can be found in the notice for that meeting.

If you wish to provide comments during business meetings, please call the phone number provided in the meeting notice and give the operator the item number.

If you wish to provide comments during other formal meetings:

  • Using WebEx, click on the "raise hand" button next to your name, send a chat message to the host of the meeting, or speak when invited to provide public comment.
  • Using a phone, speak when invited to provide public comment.

Informal Workshops And Meetings

Commission staff schedule informal meetings and workshops, often on a specific issue or topic. These are used to invite an open exchange among all parties, public interest groups, industry experts, etc.

NOTICE: Distributed by the Public Adviser's Office. This is for informational purposes only. It is designed to assist you in understanding the process. It is, therefore, general in nature and does not discuss all exceptions and variations.