Public Adviser's Office

Under the Warren Alquist Act, the Public Adviser is nominated by the Commission and appointed by the Governor for a term of three years to serve as adviser to the public and to the Commission to ensure that full and adequate participation by all interested groups and the public at large is secured in Energy Commission proceedings. The Public Adviser is an attorney admitted to the practice of law in California. This appointment does not require Senate approval. Duties are outlined in Public Resources Code Sections 25222 and Section 25217.1 and Title 20 CCR Sections 2551-2557.

How to Participate in Energy Commission Proceedings

Public participation is a key component in Energy Commission activities. This input is welcomed by Commissioners and encouraged for all public meetings, hearings, workshops and rulemakings.

Watch our videos to learn more about 1) The Role of the Public Adviser, 2) How to Use WebEx, 3) How to e-Comment, and 4) How to Participate in a Business Meeting in Person. To watch the videos individually, visit the Public Adviser's playlist on our YouTube channel.

How to Contact Us

Public Adviser (Interim) - Jennifer Martin-Gallardo


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Public Adviser
California Energy Commission
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Frequently Asked Questions

Utility Bills and Services

The California Public Utilities Commission’s Consumer Affairs Branch helps consumers understand utility bills and service as well as working with consumers to resolve disputes with their utilities. Contact them by phone at 800-649-7570.

Power Plant Jobs

If you are interested in learning of employment opportunities associated with the construction of power plants, you are advised to directly contact the project's applicant.