Rulemaking - Power Source Disclosure Program under AB 1110

Docket Number: 16-OIR-05

David Hochschild, Chair

The California Energy Commission (Energy Commission) will begin a new rulemaking to amend the Power Source Disclosure (PSD) regulations as required with the recent passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 1110 (Ting, Ch. 656, St. of 2016). The PSD program discloses to consumers a retail supplier’s various sources of electricity compared with the electricity mix of California as a whole. This program will fundamentally shift under AB 1110 by additionally requiring disclosure of a retail supplier’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity factors for its retail electricity offerings. Retail suppliers will begin disclosing their emissions in 2020 for the 2019 calendar on the Power Content Label (PCL). At the same time, AB 1110 requires the Energy Commission to develop guidance for the disclosure of unbundled renewable energy credits (RECs).

See additional information regarding Power Source Disclosure reporting requirements.

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Jordan Scavo
California Energy Commission
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