PIIRA Forms and Instructions

Form Name Form Description
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CEC A03 California Major Crude Oil Transporter Annual Report
CEC A04 California Refiner Annual Report
CEC A06 California Major Petroleum Product Transporter Annual Report
CEC A08 California Major Petroleum Products Storer Annual Tank Report
CEC A14 California Major Crude Oil Producer Annual Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Report Updated: 12/14/06

CEC M08 California Major Petroleum Product Storer and Terminal Monthly Report
CEC M13 California Refinery Monthly Fuel Use Report
CEC M700 California Imports, Exports, and Intrastate Movements Monthly Report
CEC M782B California Monthly Sales Report
CEC M810 California Refinery Monthly Report
CEC M900 California Dealer Tank Wagon Price Monthly Report
CEC W08 California Major Petroleum Product Storer and Terminal Weekly Report
CEC W700 California Imports, Exports and INtrastate Movements Weekly Report
CEC W800 California Weekly Refinery Production & Stock Report
CEC W900 California Dealer Tank Wagon Price Weekly Report
Instructions Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act (PIIRA) Program Reporting Instructions, Commission publication # CEC-600-2005-032-SF. (PDF file, 59 pages, 584 kilobytes)

If you have any questions, please contact the Energy Commission's Petroleum Reporting Unit at 916-651-2920, piira@energy.ca.gov, or:

PIIRA Data Collection Unit Supervisor
California Energy Commission
1516 Ninth Street, MS #20
Sacramento, CA 95814