Utility Distribution Companies & Load Serving Entities Form CEC-1306 and CEC-1304B Forms and Instructions

Form Entities that complete this form Form
(MS Excel file)
(Acrobat PDF file)
CEC-1304B Utility Distribution Companies Serving California
CEC-1306A Utility Distribution Companies Serving California
CEC-1306B Load Serving Entities Serving California
That Do Not Provide CEC-1306A
CEC-1306D Utility Distribution Companies With
Natural Gas Tolling Agreements In California

The information submitted on these forms includes utility distribution companies' and load serving entities' number of customers, revenue, and retail electricity sales and/or deliveries (in kilowatt-hours) reported by county, rate class, and NAICS codes or major customer group. Utility distribution companies must also report information about any natural gas tolling agreements and provide a list of all power plants interconnected to the distribution company's service territory.

Who must file reports?

Each utility distribution company and load serving entity with retail electric customers in California. These companies include electric utilities, electricity service providers, and community aggregators.

Frequency of reports

Electricity sales and deliveries and tolling agreement information are reported quarterly. The list of power plants interconnected in each utility distribution company's service area is reported semi-annually.

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