The Public Programs Office

The Public Programs Office develops programs that promote energy efficiency in the local government, schools, hospitals, agricultural, industrial, and water treatment sectors of California.

The office includes a multi-disciplined staff of engineers, analysts, and energy program specialists. Our staff provides the technical skills needed to analyze the complex engineering, program delivery, and other issues affecting these customers.

The office's major programs include:

Efficiency Services and Loan Programs - developing and operating state and federally-funded technical and financial assistance programs that improve the efficient use of energy in buildings and processes.

The majority of these programs are for public agencies:

Both programs help customers identify ways to save energy costs and to encourage the most efficient use of energy in their facilities. The office also offers the Energy Efficiency Financing Program that provides qualifying agencies with low interest loans to fund energy saving improvements to buildings, facilities and processes.

Process Energy - includes almost all:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Water and wastewater treatment and pumping operations

Process energy is a continuous series of actions that bring about a particular result, product, or condition that contributes to economic growth. Most California industries use energy to transform raw materials into commercial products. Process energy powers motors, engines, boilers, pumps, dryers, compressors, refrigeration systems, and other devices used to produce food, manufacture durable goods, and harvest and recycle natural resources. The Process Energy Unit services the agricultural, industrial, and water and wastewater treatment communities in promoting energy efficiency. This is accomplished through partnerships with organizations in the public and private sectors. The partnerships are supported by demonstrations of energy efficient applications in the field, and transfer of technical information throughout the industrial, water, and agricultural sectors of California.

Pages related to Industrial facilities and Water and wastewater treatment and pumping operations are now available on our EnergyArchive website.

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