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2019 California Energy Efficiency Action Plan

2016 Energy Efficiency Action Plan Update

A Framework to Saving Energy in California's Existing Buildings

California has long been a leader in efforts to improve building energy efficiency, both at the time of construction and upon a major remodel or equipment replacement. Achieving California's energy and climate goals requires radical improvement in the energy performance of existing buildings. Regulatory solutions alone will not accomplish this; true success will require a wide array of participants to apply creative, systemic solutions.

Assembly Bill 758 (Skinner, Chapter 470, Statutes 2009) requires the Energy Commission, in collaboration with the California Public Utilities Commission and stakeholders, to develop a comprehensive program to achieve greater energy efficiency in the state's existing buildings. The plan will be updated every three years. The next update will be on or before January 1, 2020.

The 2019 update will combine content from the past Existing Building Energy Efficiency Action Plan, Senate Bill 350 Doubling Energy Efficiency by 2030 report, the Low Income Barriers Study, the Clean Energy in Low-Income Multifamily Buildings Action Plan, and ongoing building decarbonization research.

Until adoption, the Energy Commission will gather information and solicit feedback through the e-comment section and at events held across the state. Subscribe to the Existing Buildings List Serve to get emailed updates.


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