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AES Newhall, Inc.85-SPPE-06
AES Placerita84-SPPE-01
AES Placerita - Compliance84-SPPE-01C
Alamitos Energy Center13-AFC-01
Alamitos Energy Center - Compliance13-AFC-01C
Alliance Century Energy Facility01-EP-04
Alliance Century Energy Facility - Compliance01-EP-04C
Alliance Drews Energy Facility01-EP-05
Alliance Drews Energy Facility - Compliance01-EP-05C
Almond 2 Power Plant09-AFC-02
Almond 2 Power Plant - Compliance09-AFC-02C
American Cogeneration Tech. Spreckels Power85-SPPE-01
Argus Cogeneration Expansion (ACE) Project86-AFC-01
Argus Cogeneration Expansion (ACE) Project - Compliance86-AFC-01C
Avenal Energy Center08-AFC-01
Avenal Energy Center - Compliance08-AFC-01C
Barge-Mounted Emergency Generator 00-SPPE-02
Bay Area Resource Recovery Project85-AFC-06
Beacon Solar Energy Project08-AFC-02
Beacon Solar Energy Project - Compliance08-AFC-02C
Black Rock 1 2 3 Geothermal Power Project [Formerly Salton Sea Geothermal] 02-AFC-02
Black Rock 1 2 3 Geothermal Power Project [Formerly Salton Sea Geothermal] - Compliance02-AFC-02C
Blythe Energy Project99-AFC-08
Blythe Energy Project - Compliance99-AFC-08C
Blythe Energy Project Phase II [Sonoran Energy Project Petition to Amend Withdrawn]02-AFC-01
Blythe Energy Project Phase II [Sonoran Energy Project Petition to Amend Withdrawn] - Compliance02-AFC-01C
Blythe Solar Power Project, Unit 109-AFC-06
Blythe Solar Power Project, Unit 1 - Compliance09-AFC-06C
Blythe Solar Power Project, Unit 209-AFC-06
Blythe Solar Power Project, Unit 2 - Compliance09-AFC-06C
Blythe Transmission Line99-AFC-08C
Blythe Transmission Line - Compliance99-AFC-08CC
Border Project01-EP-14
Border Project - Compliance01-EP-14C
Bottle Rock Geothermal Power Plant79-AFC-04
Bottle Rock Geothermal Power Plant - Compliance79-AFC-04C
Bullard Energy Center06-AFC-08
Calico Solar08-AFC-13
Calico Solar - Compliance08-AFC-13C
Calistoga Geothermal Power Plant81-AFC-01
Calistoga Geothermal Power Plant - Compliance81-AFC-01C
Campbell Cogeneration Project93-AFC-03
Campbell Cogeneration Project - Compliance93-AFC-03C
Canyon Power Plant 07-AFC-09
Canyon Power Plant - Compliance07-AFC-09C
Carlsbad Energy Center Project07-AFC-06
Carlsbad Energy Center Project - Compliance07-AFC-06C
Carrizo Energy Solar Farm07-AFC-08
Carson Ice-Gen92-SPPE-01
Carson Ice-Gen - Compliance92-SPPE-01C
CCPA #1 Coldwater Creek84-AFC-02
CCPA #1 Coldwater Creek - Compliance84-AFC-02C
CENCO Electric Peaker Project01-EP-15
Chevron El Segundo85-SPPE-05
Chevron El Segundo - Compliance85-SPPE-05C
Chevron Replacement07-SPPE-01
Chevron Richmond86-SPPE-01
Chevron Richmond - Compliance86-SPPE-01C
Chevron Richmond Refinery Modernization90-AFC-02
Chula Vista01-EP-03
Chula Vista - Compliance01-EP-03C
Chula Vista Energy Upgrade Project07-AFC-04
Colusa Generating Station06-AFC-09
Colusa Generating Station - Compliance06-AFC-09C
Community Power Plant 07-AFC-07
Coso Navy 2 (China Lake Joint Venture)88-SPPE-01
Coso Navy 2 (China Lake Joint Venture) - Compliance88-SPPE-01C
Cosumnes Power Plant01-AFC-19
Cosumnes Power Plant - Compliance01-AFC-19C
CPV Sentinel Energy Project07-AFC-03
CPV Sentinel Energy Project - Compliance07-AFC-03C
Crockett Cogeneration92-AFC-01
Crockett Cogeneration - Compliance92-AFC-01C
Delta Energy Center98-AFC-03
Delta Energy Center - Compliance98-AFC-03C
Donald Von Raesfeld (Formerly Pico Power)02-AFC-03
Donald Von Raesfeld (Formerly Pico Power) - Compliance02-AFC-03C
DWR South Geysers81-AFC-02
DWR South Geysers - Compliance81-AFC-02C
East Altamont01-AFC-04
East Altamont - Compliance01-AFC-04C
East Shore Substation00-AFC-10
Eastshore Energy Center06-AFC-06
El Centro Generating Station Unit 3 Repower06-SPPE-02
El Centro Generating Station Unit 3 Repower - Compliance06-SPPE-02C
El Segundo Energy Center, Units: 5,6,7,800-AFC-14
El Segundo Energy Center, Units: 5,6,7,8 - Compliance00-AFC-14C
El Segundo Energy Center, Units: 9,10,11,1200-AFC-14
El Segundo Energy Center, Units: 9,10,11,12 - Compliance00-AFC-14C
Elk Hills Power Project99-AFC-01
Elk Hills Power Project - Compliance99-AFC-01C
ENRON South Belridge85-AFC-02
Enterprise - Compliance01-EP-10C
Evergreen Concord01-EP-13
FPL Tesla01-AFC-21
FPL Tesla - Compliance01-AFC-21C
Gateway Generating Station (formerly Contra Costa Power Plant Unit 8) 00-AFC-01
Gateway Generating Station (formerly Contra Costa Power Plant Unit 8) - Compliance00-AFC-01C
Genesis Solar Energy Projects, Unit 109-AFC-08
Genesis Solar Energy Projects, Unit 1 - Compliance09-AFC-08C
Genesis Solar Energy Projects, Unit 209-AFC-08
Genesis Solar Energy Projects, Unit 2 - Compliance09-AFC-08C
Gilroy Cogeneration Project84-AFC-04
Gilroy Cogeneration Project - Compliance84-AFC-04C
Gilroy Energy Center, Phase 1 (Unit 1 & 2)01-EP-08
Gilroy Energy Center, Phase 1 (Unit 1 & 2) - Compliance01-EP-08C
Gilroy Energy Center, Phase 2 (Unit 3)01-EP-08
Gilroy Energy Center, Phase 2 (Unit 3) - Compliance01-EP-08C
Gilroy Energy Center, Phase II01-AFC-09
Grant (formerly PG&E Geysers 20)82-AFC-01
Grant (formerly PG&E Geysers 20) - Compliance82-AFC-01C
Great Oaks South20-SPPE-01
Hanford Energy Park 00-SPPE-01
Hanford Energy Park - Compliance00-SPPE-01C
Hanford Combined-Cycle Power Plant01-EP-07C
Hanford Combined-Cycle Power Plant - Compliance01-EP-07CC
Hanford Peaker Plant01-EP-07
Hanford Peaker Plant - Compliance01-EP-07C
Henrietta Peaker01-AFC-18
Henrietta Peaker - Compliance01-AFC-18C
Hidden Hills Solar Electric Generating System11-AFC-02
High Desert Power Project 97-AFC-01
High Desert Power Project - Compliance97-AFC-01C
Highgrove Peaker06-AFC-02
Humboldt Bay Generating Station Repowering06-AFC-07
Humboldt Bay Generating Station Repowering - Compliance06-AFC-07C
Huntington Beach Energy Project (HBEP)12-AFC-02
Huntington Beach Energy Project (HBEP) - Compliance12-AFC-02C
Huntington Beach Generating Station, Unit 300-AFC-13
Huntington Beach Generating Station, Unit 3 - Compliance00-AFC-13C
Huntington Beach Generating Station, Unit 400-AFC-13
Huntington Beach Generating Station, Unit 4 - Compliance00-AFC-13C
Hydrogen Energy California (HECA)08-AFC-08A
IBM San Jose Cogeneration85-SPPE-0
IBM San Jose Cogeneration - Compliance85-SPPE-0C
IID El Centro Unit 290-SPPE-02
IID El Centro Unit 2 - Compliance90-SPPE-02C
Imperial Valley Solar (Formerly SES Solar Two)08-AFC-05
Imperial Valley Solar (Formerly SES Solar Two) - Compliance08-AFC-05C
Indigo Generation Facility01-EP-02
Indigo Generation Facility - Compliance01-EP-02C
Inland Empire Energy Center01-AFC-17
Inland Empire Energy Center - Compliance01-AFC-17C
Inland Empire Energy Center, Unit 101-AFC-17
Inland Empire Energy Center, Unit 1 - Compliance01-AFC-17C
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System07-AFC-05
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System - Compliance07-AFC-05C
Joint Owners GPPL Transmission Line86-AFC-02
Kern River Cogeneration Facility82-AFC-02
Kern River Cogeneration Facility - Compliance82-AFC-02C
King City Cogeneration85-AFC-05
King City Cogeneration - Compliance85-AFC-05C
King City Energy Center01-EP-06
King City Energy Center - Compliance01-EP-06C
La Jolla Baldwin01-EP-11
La Paloma Generating Plant98-AFC-02
La Paloma Generating Plant - Compliance98-AFC-02C
LADWP Alameda Steam76-SPPE-02
LADWP Alameda Steam - Compliance76-SPPE-02C
Lafayette Backup Generating Facility20-SPPE-02
Lake View Geothermal (formerly PG&E Geysers 17)79-AFC-01
Lake View Geothermal (formerly PG&E Geysers 17) - Compliance79-AFC-01C
Larkspur Energy Facility01-EP-01
Larkspur Energy Facility - Compliance01-EP-01C
Laurelwood Data Center19-SPPE-01
Laurelwood Data Center - Compliance19-SPPE-01C
Lodi Energy Center08-AFC-10
Lodi Energy Center - Compliance08-AFC-10C
Los Banos Peaker01-AFC-23
Los Esteros 101-AFC-12
Los Esteros 1 - Compliance01-AFC-12C
Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility Phase II03-AFC-02
Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility Phase II - Compliance03-AFC-02C
Los Medanos (Pittsburg)98-AFC-01
Los Medanos (Pittsburg) - Compliance98-AFC-01C
Luz SEGS XI89-AFC-02
Magnolia - Compliance01-AFC-06C
Malaga Power Plant03-SPPE-02
Malaga Power Plant - Compliance03-SPPE-02C
Malburg City of Vernon01-AFC-11
Malburg Generating Station01-AFC-25
Malburg Generating Station - Compliance01-AFC-25C
Mariposa Energy Project09-AFC-03
Mariposa Energy Project - Compliance09-AFC-03C
Marsh Landing Generating Station08-AFC-03
Marsh Landing Generating Station - Compliance08-AFC-03C
Martin Substation00-AFC-08
McLaren Backup Generating Facility17-SPPE-01
McLaren Backup Generating Facility - Compliance17-SPPE-01C
Metcalf Energy Center99-AFC-03
Metcalf Energy Center - Compliance99-AFC-03C
MID Ripon Simple Cycle03-SPPE-01
MID Ripon Simple Cycle - Compliance03-SPPE-01C
MID Woodland Generation Station II01-SPPE-01
MID Woodland Generation Station II - Compliance01-SPPE-01C
Midway Peaking Project (formerly Starwood Power)06-AFC-10
Midway Peaking Project (formerly Starwood Power) - Compliance06-AFC-10C
Midway Sunset Cogeneration Project85-AFC-03
Midway Sunset Cogeneration Project - Compliance85-AFC-03C
Mission College Data Center19-SPPE-05
Mission Energy Champlin85-SPPE-07
Mission Energy Champlin - Compliance85-SPPE-07C
Mission Rock Energy Center15-AFC-02
Mobil Oil - Belridge Cogeneration 85-AFC-07
Mobil Oil - San Ardo Cogeneration85-AFC-08
Mojave Cogeneration 88-SPPE-02
Mojave Cogeneration - Compliance88-SPPE-02C
Mojave Solar Project09-AFC-05
Mojave Solar Project - Compliance09-AFC-05C
Morro Bay Modernization99-AFC-06
Morro Bay Modernization00-AFC-12
Morro Bay Modernization - Compliance00-AFC-12C
Moss Landing Power Plant99-AFC-04
Moss Landing Power Plant - Compliance99-AFC-04C
Mountainview Generating Station, Unit 300-AFC-02
Mountainview Generating Station, Unit 3 - Compliance00-AFC-02C
Mountainview Generating Station, Unit 400-AFC-02
Mountainview Generating Station, Unit 4 - Compliance00-AFC-02C
NCPA #1 Geothermal (formerly NCPA #2) 79-AFC-02
NCPA #1 Geothermal (formerly NCPA #2) - Compliance79-AFC-02C
NCPA #2 Geothermal (formerly NCPA #3)81-AFC-03
NCPA #2 Geothermal (formerly NCPA #3) - Compliance81-AFC-03C
NCPA Roseville90-SPPE-01
Newark Substation00-AFC-09
Niland Peaker06-SPPE-01
Niland Peaker - Compliance06-SPPE-01C
Nueva Azalea00-AFC-03
Oakley Generating Station09-AFC-04
Oakley Generating Station - Compliance09-AFC-04C
Ocotillo Energy Project, Phase I01-AFC-08
Orange Grove07-SPPE-02
Orange Grove Energy Center08-AFC-04
Orange Grove Energy Center - Compliance08-AFC-04C
Otay Mesa99-AFC-05
Otay Mesa - Compliance99-AFC-05C
Pacific Thermonetics Crockett84-AFC-03
Pacific Waste Management Irwindale MSW 84-AFC-05
Palen Solar Power Project09-AFC-07
Palen Solar Power Project - Compliance09-AFC-07C
Palmdale Energy Project (Formerly Palmdale Hybrid Power Project)08-AFC-09
Palmdale Energy Project (Formerly Palmdale Hybrid Power Project) - Compliance08-AFC-09C
Palomar Energy Project01-AFC-24
Palomar Energy Project - Compliance01-AFC-24C
Panoche Energy Center06-AFC-05
Panoche Energy Center - Compliance06-AFC-05C
Pastoria Energy Facility99-AFC-07
Pastoria Energy Facility - Compliance99-AFC-07C
Pastoria Energy Facility Expansion Project (Simple Cycle Addition)05-AFC-01
Pastoria Energy Facility Expansion Project (Simple Cycle Addition) - Compliance05-AFC-01C
Pastoria II Project01-AFC-02
Pegasus Energy01-EP-09
Pegasus Energy - Compliance01-EP-09C
PG&E Geysers 2184-AFC-01
PG&E Geysers 21 - Compliance84-AFC-01C
PG&E Potrero Unit 778-AFC-01
Pio Pico Energy Center10-AFC-01
Pio Pico Energy Center11-AFC-01
Pio Pico Energy Center - Compliance11-AFC-01C
Pomona Repower Project16-SPPE-01
Potrero Unit 700-AFC-04
Procter & Gamble Cogeneration93-AFC-02
Procter & Gamble Cogeneration - Compliance93-AFC-02C
Puente Power Project (P3)15-AFC-01
Quail Brush Generation Project11-AFC-03
Quicksilver Geothermal (Formerly PG&E Geysers 16)79-AFC-05
Quicksilver Geothermal (Formerly PG&E Geysers 16) - Compliance79-AFC-05C
Redding Peaking Power Plant92-SPPE-02
Redding Peaking Power Plant - Compliance92-SPPE-02C
Redondo Beach Repower12-AFC-03
Rice Solar Energy Project09-AFC-10
Rice Solar Energy Project - Compliance09-AFC-10C
Ridgecrest Solar Power Project09-AFC-09
Rio Linda Elverta01-AFC-01
Rio Mesa Solar Electric Generating Facility11-AFC-04
Riverside Energy Resource Center Units 3 & 4 (Expansion Project)08-SPPE-01
Riverside Energy Resource Center Units 3 & 4 (Expansion Project) - Compliance08-SPPE-01C
Riverside Energy Resource Center, Unit 104-SPPE-01
Riverside Energy Resource Center, Unit 1 - Compliance04-SPPE-01C
Riverside Energy Resource Center, Unit 204-SPPE-01
Riverside Energy Resource Center, Unit 2 - Compliance04-SPPE-01C
Roseville Energy Facility01-AFC-14
Roseville Energy Park03-AFC-01
Roseville Energy Park - Compliance03-AFC-01C
Russell City Energy Center01-AFC-07
Russell City Energy Center - Compliance01-AFC-07C
Sacramento Ethanol Partners Cogen (SEPCO)92-AFC-02
Sacramento Ethanol Partners Cogen (SEPCO) - Compliance92-AFC-02C
San Francisco Energy Company94-AFC-01
San Francisco Energy Company - Compliance94-AFC-01C
San Francisco Reliability Project04-AFC-01
San Francisco Reliability Project - Compliance04-AFC-01C
San Gabriel Generating Station07-AFC-02
San Joaquin Solar 1 & 208-AFC-12
San Joaquin Valley Energy Center01-AFC-22
San Joaquin Valley Energy Center - Compliance01-AFC-22C
San Jose City Data Center19-SPPE-04
San Mateo Substation00-AFC-07
Santa Clara SC-1 Data Center, Phase 211-SPPE-01
Santa Clara SC-1 Data Center, Phase 2 - Compliance11-SPPE-01C
Santa Maria Aggregate87-AFC-02
SCE Solar 10081-AFC-04
SCE Solar 100 - Compliance81-AFC-04C
SCE Coolwater Coal Gas Commer. Amendment78-AFC-02A
SCE Coolwater Coal Gasification78-AFC-02
SCE Coolwater Coal Gasification - Compliance78-AFC-02C
SCE Lucerne Valley80-AFC-02
Scott Substation00-AFC-06
SDG&E Silver Gate76-SPPE-03
SDG&E Silver Gate - Compliance76-SPPE-03C
SDG&E South Bay Augmentation90-AFC-01
SEGS III-VII Kramer Junction87-AFC-01
SEGS III-VII Kramer Junction - Compliance87-AFC-01C
SEGS IX-X Harper Dry Lake89-AFC-01
SEGS IX-X Harper Dry Lake - Compliance89-AFC-01C
SEGS VIII Harper Dry Lake88-AFC-01
SEGS VIII Harper Dry Lake - Compliance88-AFC-01C
Sequoia Data Center19-SPPE-03
Shell California Production, Inc. Belridge Cogen.82-AFC-03
Shell Cogeneration93-SPPE-01
Shell Cogeneration - Compliance93-SPPE-01C
Shell Western86-SPPE-02
Shell Western - Compliance86-SPPE-02C
Signal Environmental Systems85-AFC-04
SMUD Cogeneration Pipeline Project92-AFC-02P
SMUD Cogeneration Pipeline Project - Compliance92-AFC-02PC
Socrates Geothermal (formerly PG&E Geysers 18)79-AFC-03
Socrates Geothermal (formerly PG&E Geysers 18) - Compliance79-AFC-03C
Sonoma Geothermal (formerly PG&E #3 & SMUDGEO #1)80-AFC-01
Sonoma Geothermal (formerly PG&E #3 & SMUDGEO #1) - Compliance80-AFC-01C
South Bay Replacement06-AFC-03
South Bay Repower93-AFC-01
South Star Cogeneration Project01-AFC-15
Southeast Regional Energy Center (Formerly City of Vernon) Power Plant Project06-AFC-04
Spartan I Energy Center01-AFC-13
Stanton Energy Reliability Center16-AFC-01
Stanton Energy Reliability Center - Compliance16-AFC-01C
Sun Cogen & Southern Sierra Energy Midway-Sunset85-SPPE-03
Sun Cogen & Southern Sierra Energy Midway-Sunset - Compliance85-SPPE-03C
Sun Valley Energy Project (Peaker)05-AFC-03
Sunlaw U.S. Growers #285-SPPE-03
Sunlaw Industrial Park #185-SPPE-04
Sunrise Power Project, Phase I98-AFC-04
Sunrise Power Project, Phase I - Compliance98-AFC-04C
Sunrise Power Project, Phase II 98-AFC-04
Sunrise Power Project, Phase II - Compliance98-AFC-04C
Sutter Energy Center97-AFC-02
Sutter Energy Center - Compliance97-AFC-02C
Sycamore Cogeneration Facility84-AFC-06
Sycamore Cogeneration Facility - Compliance84-AFC-06C
TEXACO Cool Water Coal Gas78-AFC-02B
Texaco Wilmington80-SPPE-01
Texaco Wilmington - Compliance80-SPPE-01C
Three Mountain99-AFC-02
Three Mountain - Compliance99-AFC-02C
Tosco Corp. Cogeneration83-SPPE-01
Tosco Corp. Cogeneration - Compliance83-SPPE-01C
Tracy Combined-Cycle Power Plant08-AFC-07
Tracy Combined-Cycle Power Plant - Compliance08-AFC-07C
Tracy Peaker Plant01-AFC-16
Tracy Peaker Plant - Compliance01-AFC-16C
United Golden Gate (Peaker)00-AFC-05
United Golden Gate (Peaker) - Compliance00-AFC-05C
United Golden Gate II01-AFC-03
Vaca Station08-AFC-11
Valero Cogenration, Unit 101-AFC-05
Valero Cogenration, Unit 1 - Compliance01-AFC-05C
Valero Cogenration, Unit 201-AFC-05
Valero Cogenration, Unit 2 - Compliance01-AFC-05C
Vernon Power Plant 06-AFC-01
Victorville 2 Hybrid Power Project (Gas-Solar)07-AFC-01
Victorville 2 Hybrid Power Project (Gas-Solar) - Compliance07-AFC-01C
Walnut Creek Energy Park05-AFC-02
Walnut Creek Energy Park - Compliance05-AFC-02C
Walnut Energy Center02-AFC-04
Walnut Energy Center - Compliance02-AFC-04C
Walsh Data Center19-SPPE-02
Warnerville Substation00-AFC-11
Watson Cogeneration Project85-AFC-01
Watson Cogeneration Project - Compliance85-AFC-01C
Watson Cogeneration Steam and Electric Reliability Project09-AFC-01
Watson Cogeneration Steam and Electric Reliability Project - Compliance09-AFC-01C
Western Midway Sunset Project99-AFC-09
Western Midway Sunset Project - Compliance99-AFC-09C
Willow Pass Generating Station08-AFC-06
zz- recycle for new plant entry01-AFC-20