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2004 UPDATE to the 2003 Integrated Energy Policy Report2003-IEP-01
2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards - Roof Coatings Rulemaking2005-BSTD-01
2005 IEPR Hearings2004-IEP-1K
2005 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Main Docket2004-IEP-01
2007 Integrated Energy Policy Report. Alliance for the Retail Energy Markets on the SCOPE of the 2007 IEP2006-IEP-01
2008 Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking2008-AAER-1A
2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards - Pre-rulemaking Phase2005-BSTD-02
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update2008-IEP-01
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Demand Forecast Improvements2008-IEP-1C
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Electricity Procurement Practices2008-IEP-1D
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Evaluation of CPUC Self Generation Incentive Program2008-IEP-1G
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - General Scope2008-IEP-1A
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Greenhouse Gas Implications for Electricity and Natural Gas Sectors2008-IEP-1E
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Nuclear Power Plant Viability2008-IEP-1F
2008 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Renewables2008-IEP-1B
2009 IEPR - Climate Change Issues2009-IEP-1P
2009 IEPR - Distributed Generation2009-IEP-1H
2009 IEPR - Electric Reliability Issues2009-IEP-1O
2009 IEPR - Electricity Demand Forecast2009-IEP-1C
2009 IEPR - Electricity Resource Plan2009-IEP-1B
2009 IEPR - Electricity-Transmission2009-IEP-1D
2009 IEPR - Energy Efficiency-Demand Response2009-IEP-1F
2009 IEPR - General/Scope2009-IEP-1A
2009 IEPR - Greenhouse Gas Implications for Electricity and Natural Gas Sectors2009-IEP-1E
2009 IEPR - Land Use Issues2009-IEP-1N
2009 IEPR - Natural Gas Supply, Demand and Price2009-IEP-1J
2009 IEPR - Nuclear Issues2009-IEP-1L
2009 IEPR - Renewables2009-IEP-1G
2009 IEPR - Research and Development2009-IEP-1M
2009 IEPR - Transportation Fuels and Infrastructure2009-IEP-1K
2009 Integrated Energy Policy Report2009-IEP-01
2010 IEPR - Clean Jobs - Workforce Development2010-IEP-1G
2010 IEPR - Climate Change Issues2010-IEP-1E
2010 IEPR - Electricity Demand Forecast2010-IEP-1C
2010 IEPR - Energy Efficiency-Demand Response2010-IEP-1F
2010 IEPR - General/Scope2010-IEP-1A
2010 IEPR - Government2010-IEP-1H
2010 IEPR - Infrastructure Assessment2010-IEP-1B
2010 IEPR - Manufacturing2010-IEP-1I
2010 IEPR - Nuclear Issues2010-IEP-1D
2010-2011 Investment Plan for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program2009-ALT-01
2011 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Pre-Rulemaking2009-BSTD-01
2011 IEPR2011-IEP-01
2011 IEPR - Climate Change & GHG Emission Reduction2011-IEP-1O
2011 IEPR - Distributed Generation2011-IEP-1H
2011 IEPR - Electric Reliability2011-IEP-1D
2011 IEPR - Electricity Demand Forecast2011-IEP-1C
2011 IEPR - Electricity Resource Plan2011-IEP-1B
2011 IEPR - Energy Efficiency-Demand Response2011-IEP-1F
2011 IEPR - General/Scope2011-IEP-1A
2011 IEPR - Land Use2011-IEP-1M
2011 IEPR - Natural Gas Supply, Demand, Price2011-IEP-1K
2011 IEPR - Nuclear Issues2011-IEP-1J
2011 IEPR - Renewables2011-IEP-1G
2011 IEPR - Research & Development2011-IEP-1N
2011 IEPR - Transmission Planning2011-IEP-1E
2011 IEPR - Transportation Fuels & Infrastructure2011-IEP-1L
2011-2012 Investment Plan for Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program2010-ALT-01
2012 Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking2012-AAER-02
2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update2012-IEP-01
2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Electricity and Natural Gas Demand Forecast2012-IEP-1B
2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Electricity Infrastructure Assessment2012-IEP-1C
2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - General Scope2012-IEP-1A
2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update - Renewables2012-IEP-1D
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Air Filter Labels2012-AAER-2E
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Commercial Clothes Dryers2012-AAER-2D
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Consumer Electronics2012-AAER-2A
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Lighting2012-AAER-2B
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Portable Electric Spa Labels2012-AAER-2G
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Residential Pool Pumps & Motors2012-AAER-2F
2012 Rulemaking on Appliance Efficiency Regulations - Water Appliances2012-AAER-2C
2012-2013 Investment Plan2011-ALT-01
2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards 2015-MISC-02
2013 Compliance Option for Nonresidential Lighting Alterations2016-BSTD-01
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report2013-IEP-01
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Bioenergy Development2013-IEP-1M
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power2013-IEP-1H
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Electricity and Natural Gas Demand Forecast2013-IEP-1C
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Electricity Infrastructure Assessment Electric Reliability2013-IEP-1D
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Electricity Resource Plans2013-IEP-1B
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Energy and Climate Change GHG Emission Reduction2013-IEP-1O
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Energy Efficiency Demand Response2013-IEP-1F
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - General Scope2013-IEP-1A
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Geothermal Heat Pump2013-IEP-1P
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Natural Gas Market Assessment2013-IEP-1K
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Nuclear2013-IEP-1J
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Renewable Energy2013-IEP-1G
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Research and Development2013-IEP-1N
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Strategic Transmission Investment Planning2013-IEP-1E
2013 Integrated Energy Policy Report - Transportation Fuel Demand Forecast and Infrastructure2013-IEP-1L
2013 Title 24 Building Energy and Efficiency Standards Rulemaking Proceeding2012-BSTD-01
2013 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manuals2012-BSTD-06
2013 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Compliance Manuals2012-BSTD-05
2013 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Rulemaking Proceeding2011-BSTD-01
2013- 2014 Investment Plan Update2012-ALT-02
2014 IEPR Update - AB 758 / Energy Efficiency2014-IEP-1D
2014 IEPR Update - Crude Oil2014-IEP-1F
2014 IEPR Update - DRECP/Renewables2014-IEP-1C
2014 IEPR Update - Electricity2014-IEP-1E
2014 IEPR Update - General/ Scope2014-IEP-01
2014 IEPR Update - General/ Scope2014-IEP-1A
2014 IEPR Update - Transportation2014-IEP-1B
2014 Updates: Title 20 Commission Process and Procedure Regulations 2014-OII-01
2015 Bulk Storage Workshop 2015-MISC-05
2015 Business Meeting Transcripts 2015-BUSMTG-01
2015 Geothermal Grant and Loan Program2015-GRDA-01
2015 IEPR - AB1257 Natural Gas Act Report2015-IEPR-04
2015 IEPR - Changing Trends in Sources of Crude Oil2015-IEPR-13
2015 IEPR - Climate Change2015-IEPR-11
2015 IEPR - Electricity and Natural Gas Demand Forecast2015-IEPR-03
2015 IEPR - Electricity Resource Plans2015-IEPR-02
2015 IEPR - Energy Efficiency2015-IEPR-05
2015 IEPR - General/Scope2015-IEPR-01
2015 IEPR - Natural Gas Market Assessment 2015-IEPR-09
2015 IEPR - Nuclear Power Plants2015-IEPR-12
2015 IEPR - Renewable Energy2015-IEPR-06
2015 IEPR - Southern California Electricity Infrastructure Assessment2015-IEPR-07
2015 IEPR - Transmission and Landscape Scale Planning2015-IEPR-08
2015 IEPR - Transportation2015-IEPR-10
2015 Updates: Title 20 Commission Process and Procedure and Siting Regulations 2015-OIR-01
2015-2016 Investment Plan Update2014-ALT-01
2016 Appliance Efficiency Updates Rulemaking2016-AAER-01
2016 Business Meeting Transcripts 2016-BUSMTG-01
2016 California Quality LED Lamp Specifications2016-AAER-04
2016 Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan Update2016-EBP-01
2016 IEPR - Climate Adaptation and Resiliency2016-IEPR-04
2016 IEPR - Electricity Demand Forecast2016-IEPR-05
2016 IEPR - Environmental Performance of Electricity Generation System2016-IEPR-03
2016 IEPR - General/Scope2016-IEPR-01
2016 IEPR - Natural Gas2016-IEPR-02
2016 IEPR - Nuclear2016-IEPR-07
2016 IEPR - Southern California Electricity Infrastructure Reliability2016-IEPR-06
2016 Nonresidential Compliance Manual and Documents2015-BSTD-05
2016 Nonresidential Compliance Manual Subchapters and Documents Related to Lighting Alterations2016-BSTD-05
2016 Nonresidential Lighting Alteration Enforcement2016-BSTD-02
2016 Residential and Nonresidential Software and Related ACM Reference Manuals2016-BSTD-04
2017 Appliance Efficiency - Phase II Pre-Rulemaking2017-AAER-05
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - Commercial and Industrial Fans & Blowers2017-AAER-06
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - General Service Lamps2017-AAER-07
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - Irrigation Controllers2017-AAER-10
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - Set-Top Boxes2017-AAER-11
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - Solar Inverters2017-AAER-13
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - Sprinkler Spray Bodies2017-AAER-08
2017 Appliance Efficiency Pre‐Rulemaking - Tub Spout Diverters2017-AAER-09
2017 Business Meeting Transcripts 2017-BUSMTG-01
2017 Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA) Rulemaking2017-OIR-01
2017 IEPR - Barriers Study Implementation2017-IEPR-08
2017 IEPR - Climate Adaptation and Resiliency2017-IEPR-09
2017 IEPR - Doubling Energy Efficiency Savings2017-IEPR-06
2017 IEPR - Electricity Resource Plans2017-IEPR-02
2017 IEPR - Electricity, Natural Gas, and Transportation Demand 2017-IEPR-03
2017 IEPR - General/Scope2017-IEPR-01
2017 IEPR - Integrated Resource Planning2017-IEPR-07
2017 IEPR - Natural Gas Outlook2017-IEPR-04
2017 IEPR - Renewable Natural Gas2017-IEPR-10
2017 IEPR - Southern California Energy Reliability2017-IEPR-11
2017 IEPR - Transportation Energy Demand Forecast2017-IEPR-05
2017 Incident Reporting for Power Plant Compliance2017-SIT-01
2017 Section 100 Appliance Efficiency Standards HVI 916 Test Method Update 2017-AAER-16
2017-2018 Investment Plan Update for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program 2016-ALT-02
2018 Appliance Efficiency - Phase II Pre-Rulemaking2018-AAER-03
2018 Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking - Commercial and Industrial Air Compressors2018-AAER-05
2018 Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking - General Service Lamps2018-AAER-07
2018 Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking - Hearth Products2018-AAER-06
2018 Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking - High CRI Fluorescent Lamps2018-AAER-08
2018 Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking - Portable Air Conditioners2018-AAER-04
2018 Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking - Uninterruptable Power Supplies2018-AAER-09
2018 Business Meeting Transcripts 2018-BUSMTG-01
2018 Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA) Rulemaking for Updates2018-OIR-02
2018 IEPR - California’s Energy Policy Leadership2018-IEPR-02
2018 IEPR - Climate Adaptation and Resiliency 2018-IEPR-05
2018 IEPR - Decarbonizing Buildings2018-IEPR-09
2018 IEPR - Doubling Energy Efficiency Savings2018-IEPR-07
2018 IEPR - Energy Demand Forecast Update2018-IEPR-04
2018 IEPR - Energy Equity2018-IEPR-08
2018 IEPR - Integrating Renewable Energy2018-IEPR-06
2018 IEPR - Southern California Energy Reliability2018-IEPR-03
2018 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update2018-IEPR-01
2018-2019 Investment Plan Update for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program 2017-ALT-01
2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards PreRulemaking 2017-BSTD-01
2019 Energy Code Compliance Manuals2018-BSTD-02
2019 Energy Code Data Registry Requirements Manual2018-BSTD-03
2019 Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)2019-RPS-01
2019 Title 24, Part 11, CALGreen Rulemaking 2017-BSTD-03
2019 Title 24, Part 6, Building Energy Efficiency Standards Rulemaking 2017-BSTD-02
2022 Energy Code Compliance Metric2019-BSTD-04
2022 Energy Code Pre-Rulemaking2019-BSTD-03
AB 1110 Implementation Rulemaking2016-OIR-05
AB 162 - Power Source Disclosure Program2010-PSDR-01
Acceptance and Training Certification2013-ATTCP-01
Achieving California's Preferred Loading Order2004-IEP-1E
Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program CEQA2012-ALT-01
Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program CEQA - Yokayo Biofuels Inc.2012-ALT-1A
Alternative Fuels2015-ALT-01
Alternative Fuels Plan (AB 1007)2006-AFP-01
Alternative Procedure to Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater Nonresidential Duct Leakage Test Verification 2016-ATTCP-01
Amendments to Regulations for the Geothermal Grant and Loan Program2012-OIR-02
Amendments to Regulations Specifying Enforcement Procedures for the Renewables Portfolio Standard for Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities 2016-RPS-03
Amendments to the Appliance Efficiency Regulations2007-AAER-01
Appeal by Los Angeles Department of Water & Power re RPS Certification Eligibility2016-RPS-02
Appliance Efficiency Enforcement Rulemaking2012-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking2014-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking for Commercial Tumble Dryers2017-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Pre-Rulemaking for Computers, Computer Monitors, and Signage Displays2016-AAER-02
Appliance Efficiency Regulation 2011 Rulemaking2011-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Regulations Rulemaking2004-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Regulations Rulemaking2005-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Regulations Rulemaking2006-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Regulations Rulemaking2007-AAER-03
Appliance Efficiency Regulations Rulemaking - for Tier 2 Lighting Efficiency Standards2005-AAER-02
Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking2013-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking - Battery Chargers2011-AAER-02
Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking for kitchen faucets, tub spout diverters and showerheads 2015-AAER-07
Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking for Toilets, Urinals, Faucets, HVAC Air Filters, Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts, and Heat Pump Water Chilling Packages2015-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking Phase II: Scoping and Pre-Rulemaking2009-AAER-02
Appliance Efficiency Rulemaking Televisions2009-AAER-1C
Appliance Efficiency Standards - Landscape Irrigation Efficiency2009-AAER-1A
Appliance Efficiency Standards Certification Rulemaking for Residential Air Filters, Residential Pool Pump and Motor Combinations, and Replacement Residential Pool Pump Motors2017-AAER-14
Appliance Efficiency Standards Emergency Rulemaking for Residential Air Filters 2017-AAER-02
Appliance Efficiency Standards Emergency Rulemaking for Residential Pool Pump and Motor Combinations2017-AAER-03
Appliance Efficiency Standards Rulemaking for Computers and Light-Emitting Diode Lamps2017-AAER-15
Appliance Efficiency Standards Rulemaking for Portable Electric Spas and Air Filters2018-AAER-01
Appliance Efficiency Standards Rulemaking for Portable Electric Spas and Battery Charger Systems2018-AAER-02
Application for Designation Confidential Records, Sun Synchrony Demo Prototype CD2014-PIR-01
Assembly Bill 1632 - Nuclear Power Plant Assessment2007-AB-1632
Assembly Bill 2021 Implementation - Energy Efficiency and Demand Reduction Savings2006-IEP-1E
Block Grant for Electric Vehicle Charger Incentive Projects2017-EVI-01
Building Energy Efficiency Standard Rulemaking2015-BSTD-01
Building Energy Efficiency Standards - Applications for Confidentiality2013-BSTD-04
Building Energy Efficiency Standards Pre Rulemaking Proceeding2013-BSTD-03
Building Energy Efficiency Standards Pre-Rulemaking Proceeding for 20132010-BSTD-01
Building Energy Efficiency Standards Rulemaking2014-BSTD-01
Building Energy Use Disclosure and Public Benchmarking Program Mandated under Assembly Bill 8022015-OIR-05
California Climate Action Registry Rulemaking Proceeding2003-QCTA-01
California Climate Change Advisory Committee2004-CCCA-01
California Energy Commission Business Meeting Transcripts2019-BUSMTG-01
California Offshore Renewable Energy2017-MISC-01
California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projections 2018-EVI-01
California Quality LED Lamp Specification2012-BSTD-03
California's Bioenergy Action Plan2006-BAP-01
California-Mexico Border Energy Issues2004-IEP-1C
Carbon Sequestration (AB 1925) - Clean Coal2006-IEP-1O
Climate Adaptation2019-IEPR-10
Combined Heat and Power2014-CHP-01
Commercial Building Energy Performance Rating System Rulemaking2009-AB-1103-01
Commercial Clothes Dryers 2015-AAER-03
Commissioner Workshop on Funding Opportunities and Improving Access to Native American Tribes 2019-MISC-02
Complaint Against DyoCore, Inc.2011-CAI-03
Complaint Against the Stockton Port District re RPS Program Compliance2018-RPS-01
Complaint and Investigation Against CalCERTS, Inc.2012-CAI-01
Complaint and Investigation for the Calico Solar Project2011-CAI-01
Complaint and Investigation Proceeding Filed by California Unions for Reliability2011-CAI-02
Complaint and Request for Investigation of Valley Duct Testing2012-CAI-02
Complaint by Michael Dolen2012-CAI-05
Complaint-Request for Investigation Regarding Energy Sense-MASCO2008-CRI-01
Compliance Docketing Policy2017-SIT-02
Compliance Option for Default Solar Reflectance and Thermal Emittance of Aggregate Used as Surfacing for Cool Roof Coverings of Low-Sloped R2012-BSTD-07
Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program for Existing Buildings2012-EBP-01
Computer, Computer Monitors, and Electronic Displays 2014-AAER-02
Confidential Designation Applications & Miscellaneous Documents2016-ENFORCE-02
Consolidated Hearing Issues Concerning US Bureau of Land Management Cultural Resources Data2010-CRD-01
Continuation of the New Solar Homes Partnership Program2016-NSHP-01
Cooling Technologies, Inc.2008-SPX-01
Cost of Generation2006-IEP-1K
Data Collection Order Instituting Rulemaking Proceeding2005-DATA-01
David Coleman Complaint Concerning Bottle Rock Power2012-CAI-04
DCBO Selection Process Workshop2016-MISC-01
Developing Guidelines for the 50 Percent Renewables Portfolio Standard2016-RPS-01
Developing Regulations for the Solar Offset Program2009-SOPR-01
Developing the 2010 Bioenergy Action Plan Update2010-BAP-01
Development of a Compliance Option for Alternative Procedures to Meet the Standard Charge Measurement Procedure2012-BSTD-04
Development of Statewide Guidelines for Reducing Wildlife Impacts from Wind Energy Development2006-OII-01
Development of the California Commission Investment Plan for the Electric Program Investment Charge program2012-EPIC-01
Development of the California Energy Commission Electric Program Investment Charge 2018 – 2020 Triennial Investment Plan2017-EPIC-01
Disaggregated Demand Data Cleaning Workshop2018-MISC-05
Distributed Energy Resources2017-IEPR-12
Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Roadmap2019-MISC-01
Distributed Generation OII (Order Instituting Investigation)2004-DIST-GEN-01
Draft 2019 Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manuals and Compliance Software Tools2019-BSTD-01
Draft Solicitation Concepts for Light-Duty Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure2018-HYD-04
Electricity and Natural Gas Demand Forecast2019-IEPR-03
Electricity and Natural Gas Forecast and Options2004-IEP-1D
Electricity Demand Forecast2001-IEP-1C
Electricity Demand Forecast2006-IEP-1I
Electricity Environmental Performance Report2004-IEP-1G
Electricity Resource Plans2019-IEPR-02
Electricity Sector2019-IEPR-07
Electricity Supply2006-IEP-1J
Eligibility Criteria and Conditions for Solar Energy System Incentives2007-SB-01
Emergency Regulations for Energy Disclosure Program2014-EUDP-EMY-01
Emission Performance Standard 2018-EPS-01
Emission Performance Standard2019-EPS-01
Emission Performance Standard Compliance Filing2008-EPS-01
Emission Performance Standards2013-EPS-01
Emissions Performance Standard2010-EPS-01
Emissions Performance Standard2011-EPS-01
Emissions Performance Standard2014-EPS-01
Emissions Performance Standard2015-EPS-01
Emissions Performance Standard2016-EPS-01
Emissions Performance Standard2017-EPS-01
Energy Data Collection2016-OIR-03
Energy Data Collection - Phase 22018-OIR-01
Energy Efficiency and Building Decarbonization2019-IEPR-06
Energy Equity2019-IEPR-05
Energy Use Disclosure Program2014-EUDP-01
Environmental Information for Energy Planning2017-MISC-03
EPIC Idea Exchange2016-EPIC-01
Existing Buildings Energy Efficiency Action Plan and Senate Bill 350: Doubling Energy Efficiency by 2030 Report2019-EBP-01
Existing Power Plant Reliability Issues2017-IEPR-14
Food Production Investment Program2018-MISC-01
Formal Rulemaking Docket for 2016 Title 24 Part 11 Energy Provisions of CALGreen Update2014-CALG-01
Formal Rulemaking Docket for 2016 Title 24 Part 11 Energy Provisions of CALGreen Update2015-CALG-01
Fuel Delivery Temperature Study2007-HFS-01
Fuels and Transportation Merit Review2015-MISC-04
Funding Strategies for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Workshop2016-ALT-01
General Administrative Procedures2011-GEN-ADMIN-01
General Proceeding to Initiate Rulemakings for Regulations, Guidelines and Policies to Implement SB 350 and AB 8022016-OIR-01
Geothermal Expandables2009-GEO-01
Geothermal Grant and Loan Program Workshops and Discussions 2017-GRDA-01
Geothermal Resources Development Account Program2008-GEO-01
Global Climate Change and California2004-IEP-1B
Grant Agreement GEO-14-004, Ormat2015-GRDA-1A
Grant Solicitation Developing Renewable Energy Planning Grants2012-GREP-01
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impacts of Power Plants2008-GHGOII-01
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Update2006-IEP-1G
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Performance Standard Rulemaking2012-OIR-01
Greenhouse Gases Emission Performance Standard2006-OIR-01
HERS Providers' Application for the 2016 Standards 2016-HERS-01
HERS Providers’ Application for the 2019 Energy Standards2019-HERS-01
Home Energy Rating System2014-HERS-01
Home Energy Rating System Proceeding2006-HERS-01
Home Energy Rating System Proceeding2008-HERS-02
Home Energy Rating System Proceeding - Pre-Rulemaking2008-HERS-01
Home Energy Rating System Provider Certification2009-HERS-01
Hudson Ranch 1 and 2 Geothermal Projects2011-HRG-01
Hydrogen Fueling Solicitations for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technologies Program2012-HYD-01
Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure for the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP)2015-HYD-01
Hydrogen Station Capacity Model (HyC) Workshops2018-HYD-02
Hydrogen Station Network Future Approaches2017-HYD-02
Hydrogen Station Network Future Approaches2018-HYD-01
Hydrogeneration Data Submittals2014-HYDRO-01
Imperial Irrigation District GreenHunter Mesquite Lake2009-EPS-01
Implementation of AB 865 Diversity Outreach Program 2016-DIVERSITY-01
Implementation of AB 865 Diversity Task Force 2016-DIVERSITY-02
Implementation of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program2008-ALT-01
Implementation of ZEV Action Plan2013-ALT-01
Implementing the Renewable Energy Executive Order2009-RENEW-EO-01
Improving Energy Compliance of Central Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems 2017-EBP-01
Informational Proceeding for the California Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) Program2012-HERS-01
Initial Study and Negative Declaration for the 2019 Energy Code2018-BSTD-01
Integrated Resource Plan2018-IRP-01
Integrated Resource Plans (Publicly Owned Utilities)2016-OIR-04
Integrated Scenario Analysis2006-IEP-1M
Investment Plan Update for the Alternative Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program2013-ALT-02
Jackson Complaint2011-CAI-04
Jurisdictional Determination2016-JUR-01
Jurisdictional Determination for Buckeye Geothermal Generating Project2012-JD-02
Jurisdictional Determination for Wild Horse Geothermal Generating Project2012-JD-01
Kurt Grossman Appeal2011-KGA-01
Land Use and Energy2006-IEP-1L
Lead Commissioner Workshop: State, Regional, and Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Planning and Investment 2015-ALT-02
Liquefied Natural Gas2005-LNG-01
Load Management Standards Proceeding2008-DR-01
Local Ordinance Applications2015-BSTD-03
Local Ordinance Applications - 2016 Standards2016-BSTD-07
Low Carbon Fuel Production Program2019-TRAN-01
Low-Power Mode2017-AAER-12
Michelle Murphy and Bob Perkins Complaint - El Segundo Power Redevelopment Project2012-CAI-03
Misc Docket2015-MISC-01
Modeling Tool to Maximize Solar + Storage Benefits 2019-MISC-04
Modification of Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program Funding Restrictions 2015-OIR-02
Monitoring Hydropower Production in Support of Governor's Drought Task Force2015-HYDRO-01
Natural Gas Assessment2019-IEPR-08
Natural Gas Assessment Report2006-IEP-1D
Natural Gas Program2016-PIER-01
Natural Gas Vehicle Incentives Program - PON-13-610 2014-NGVI-01
New Solar Homes Partnership, Original Proceeding 2006-NSHP-01
Non Residential Acceptance Testing Certification Rulemaking Proceeding2012-BSTD-02
Non Residential Building Energy Use Disclosure Program Rulemaking2012-AB1103-01
Nonresidential Building Energy Use Disclosure Program Certification of Emergency Regulation 2015-OIR-03
Nonresidential Building Energy Use Disclosure Program Rulemaking2015-OIR-04
Nuclear Energy Issues2004-IEP-1J
Nuclear Power Issues2006-IEP-1N
Order Instituting Informational Hearing2011-OII-01
Order Instituting Informational Proceeding American Recovery and Reinvestment Act2009-OII-01
Order Instituting Informational Proceeding for Drought Executive Order B-37-16 2016-OII-01
Order Instituting Informational Proceeding- AB-32 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions2007-OIIP-01
Order Instituting Informational Proceeding: Power Plant Siting Lessons Learned2010-SIT-OII-01
Order Instituting Rulemaking: rulemaking to Implement the Corridor Designation Process under SB 10592007-OIR-01
Petition for Rulemaking from George Athans Requesting to Stay Effective Date of the 2013 Nonresidential Building Energy Efficiency Standard2013-BSTD-02
Petroleum Industry Information Reporting Act (PIIRA)2002-PII-01
Petroleum Infrastructure Development Constraints OII (Order Instituting Informational Proceeding)2004-SIT-01
Petroleum Market Advisory Committee2015-PMAC-01
Photovoltaic System Requirement Determination for Trinity Public Utility District 2019-BSTD-05
Pool Pumps and Spa Labeling 2015-AAER-02
Potential Areas of Natural Gas Research and Development for the Proposed Program Plan and Funding Request for 2017/18 2017-MISC-02
Power Factor2019-AAER-03
POWER SOURCE DISCLOSURE - Senate Bill 13052000-SB-1305
Power Source Disclosure Program - 2016 Annual Reports2017-PSDP-01
Power Source Disclosure Program Rulemaking2014-OIR-01
Proceeding to Remove Appliance from the Appliance Database2010-RADB-01
Program Concept Workshop for Bus Replacement, ECAA-ED & Prop 392018-MISC-02
Proposed Adoption of Regulations for the Administration of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program2008-OIR-01
Proposed Amendments to Appliance Efficiency Regulations2007-AAER-02
Proposed Compliance Option for Data Centers Using a Refrigerant Economizer 2015-MISC-03
Proposed Regulations for Enforcement Procedures for the Renewables Portfolio Standard for Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities2013-RPS-01
Proposition 39 - California Clean Energy Jobs Act2013-CCEJA-01
Public Comment on California Energy Commission Business Meetings2019-BUSMTG-02
Regional Grid Operator and Governance2016-RGO-01
Renewable Energy and Renewable Portfolio Standard2006-IEP-1C
Renewable Energy for Agriculture Program2018-MISC-03
Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative2015-RETI-02
Renewable Hydrogen Transportation Fuel Production2017-HYD-01
Renewables Portfolio Standard2011-RPS-01
Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS)2003-RPS-1078
Replacement Pool Pump Motors2019-AAER-02
Request for Information, Information Needed by Hydrogen Suppliers 2018-HYD-03
Research Idea Exchange2019-ERDD-01
Residential Alternative Calculation Method Variable Capacity Heat Pump Modeling Approach2019-BSTD-02
Residential and Nonresidential Software and related ACM Reference Manuals 2015-BSTD-04
Residential Compliance Manual and Documents2015-BSTD-02
Residential Lavatory Faucets and Showerheads 2015-AAER-05
Retail Electricity Price Forecast2006-IEP-1H
Retail Fuel Outlet Report2015-MISC-06
Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems2011-PVROOF-01
Rulemaking Proceeding - 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards2007-BSTD-01
Rulemaking Regarding Proposed Amendments to the Energy Commission Conflict of Interest Regulations2012-OIR-04
Rulemaking to Amend Regulations Specifying Enforcement Procedures for RPS for Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities2014-RPS-01
Rulemaking to Amendment Provisions of the Commission's Power Plants Licensing Process and General Procedures Under Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations2017-OIR-02
SB 1038 Proceeding Renewable Energy Program Update2002-REN-1038
SB 350 Barriers Report2016-OIR-02
SB 350 Transportation Electrification (Publicly Owned Utilities)2016-TRAN-01
School Bus Workshops 2018-TRAN-01
Scoping Water Heating Systems for Future Building Energy Efficiency Standards2013-BSDT-01
Senate Bill 1 - Rulemaking Proceeding - Proposed Regulations for the Solar Offset Program2010-SOPR-01
Senate Bill 1059 Implementation - Transmission Corridor Planning2006-IEP-1F
Senate Bill 350 Disadvantaged Community Advisory Group 2016-OIR-06
Settlement Agreements2016-ENFORCE-03
Siting Compliance Process Review and Improvement Proceeding2015-OII-01
Siting Rulemaking2004-SIT-02
Siting Rulemaking Proceeding2002-SIT-01
Small Diameter Directional LED Lamps and General Purpose LED Lamps2015-AAER-06
Solar Equipment Lists Program Implementation2018-SOLAR-01
Southern California Energy Reliability2019-IEPR-09
Spray Sprinkler Bodies 2019-AAER-01
Strategic Transmission Investment Plan2017-IEPR-13
Summer 2005 Electricity Supply & Demand Outlook2005-SDO-01
Summer 2006 Electricity Supply and Demand Outlook staff draft report2005-SDO-02
Summer 2008 Supply and Demand Outlook2008-SDO-01
Technical Amendments and Federal Updates to Title 20 Efficiency Regulations2017-AAER-04
The Natural Gas Infrastructure and Decarbonization Targets 2019-MISC-03
Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manuals2013-BSTD-01
Toilets, Urinals, and Faucets 2015-AAER-04
Toilets, Urinals, Faucets, HVAC Air Filters, Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts, and Heat Pump Water Chilling Packages2014-AAER-03
Transmission Planning2004-IEP-1F
Transportation Energy2006-IEP-1B
Transportation Energy and Options To Reduce Petroleum Fuel Use2004-IEP-1A
Updates to the 2016 Residential Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manual and Software2016-BSTD-03
Updates to the 2019 Time Dependent Valuation of Energy 2016-BSTD-06
Vehicle Grid Integration Roadmap Update2018-MISC-04
Waste Heat and Carbon Emissions Reduction Act2008-WHCE-01
Water Energy Appliance Rebate Program 2015-WATER-03
Water Energy Technology (WET) Program2015-WATER-01
Water-Energy Relationship2004-IEP-1H
WaterSaver Idea Exchange 2015-WATER-02