Applying for Funding Opportunities

California is committed to finding innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Each year, we award millions of dollars in grants and loans for projects that protect the air and water, make energy safer, cheaper and more efficient; change the way we think about transportation and challenge public entities and educational institutions to find new ways to save energy.

Funding Programs

To help increase participation in these opportunities and create an applicant pool that reflects the diversity of our state and country, there are multiple funding opportunities through the Energy Commission including:

Getting Started

  1. Visit the Energy Commission’s Funding page.
  2. Look for proposals by solicitation number or program area.
  3. Click on the proposal, and review the application requirements, project description, workshop dates, funding amount and deadlines.
  4. Attend pre-application workshops, either in person or online, to get an overview of the purpose and requirements for each funding opportunity; ask clarifying questions; and network with other interested applicants.
  5. Consider aligning your resources and technical expertise with other interested applicants, as either a prime contractor or subcontractor, or to form a project team.

Online Tutorials

If you would like to form partnership for funding opportunities, join our LinkedIn Networking Hub. To receive emails regarding funding opportunities and updates, subscribe to the Opportunity Mailing List.