Summary of California Vehicle and Transportation Energy

Transportation accounts for a major portion of California's overall energy consumption and has a significant impact on air quality. It is also the single largest source of the state's greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1975, the California Energy Commission has promoted a secure, affordable, reliable, and environmentally sound transportation energy infrastructure by ensuring that the supply, production, distribution, and price of petroleum fuels and other blending components are available to meet demand; and viable alternative, low-carbon, and renewable fuel options exist. The links below provide current data and information on the programs and projects administered at the Energy Commission.

Data, Facts, & Statistics

Vehicles (As of 10/1/2015)

classic "woody" station wagon with surfboards on top

  • Total registered on-road vehicles in California: 29,830,797
  • Total registered light-duty cars in California: 16,101,262
  • Total registered light-duty trucks in California: 12,741,718
  • Total registered medium and heavy-duty vehicles in California: 987,817
  • Total registered motorcycles in California: 837,717

Source: Calif. Department of Motor Vehicles, and Energy Commission’s Transportation Energy Forecasting Unit, June 2016

Vehicle Distribution

chart of vehicle distribution among California households in 2014. Most households have one or two vehicles.

Source: American Community Survey, and Energy Commission’s Transportation Energy Forecasting Unit, June 2016