Solar Energy Generating Station in Mojave Desert

Photo by Warren Gretz NREL 01225

Solar electricity production in California falls into two categories - solar thermal, using the concentrated heat of sunlight to heat a fluid to make steam to turn a traditional turbine and generator making electricity; and solar photovoltaic (PV), the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. Additionally, the heat from the sun is used in solar thermal systems for hot water in homes and businesses and in heating swimming pools. Most electricity from PV is not counted into the total electricity production of the utility companies as the solar panels are mounted on individual homes or businesses.

Solar thermal facilities are concentrated in the desert areas of the state in the Mojave area. In 2020, solar PV and solar thermal power plants produced 29,450 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy or 15.43 percent of California's in-state generation portfolio. A total of 771 operating Solar power plants, with an installed capacity about 14,060 megawatts, are in California.

Prior to the Renewable Portfolio Standards in 2002, 13 solar thermal power projects were planned in California, with 11 of those filing applications with the Energy Commission. Nine projects (Solar Energy Generating Station - SEGS I to IX), totaling 354 MW, were built. SEGS III to IX are owned by FPL Energy, and SEGS I and II are owned by Sunray Energy Inc. Approximately 4,500 MW of solar thermal is in the license review process or are planned to be built.

In 2012, the installed capacity of solar PV surpassed solar thermal capacity. Solar PV's cumulative installed capacity reached 764 MW by the end of 2012, eclipsing the 408 MW of solar thermal that year. California's solar PV systems produced 1,025 GWh of energy in 2012, surpassing total energy from solar thermal generation for the first time.

One large photovoltaic (PV) array was built by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District near its Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant. It went on line in August 1984 and has an installed capacity of 3.19 MW. However, utility-scale PV projects are being planned. There are two of them planned in San Luis Obispo County totaling 800 megawatts in installed capacity.

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Solar PV and Solar Thermal Electricity Production

Solar Thermal
YearCompany NameCEC
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Net MWh
2020Genesis Solar LLCS0259Genesis Solar Energy ProjectCA250.0609,792
2020Solar Partners I II VIII LLCS0078Ivanpah I (Solar Partners II)CA126.0282,247
2020Solar Partners I II VIII LLCS0079Ivanpah II (Solar Partners I)CA133.0279,828
2020Solar Partners I II VIII LLCS0080Ivanpah III (Solar Partners VIII)CA133.0286,240
2020Mojave Solar LLCS0104Mojave Solar ProjectCA250.0558,411
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd IIIS0071SEGS IIICA34.20
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd IVS0072SEGS IVCA34.20
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd IXS0073SEGS IXCA92.0145,473
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd VS0074SEGS VCA34.20
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd VIS0075SEGS VICA35.00
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd VIIS0076SEGS VIICA35.00
2020Luz Solar Partners Ltd VIIIS0077SEGS VIIICA92.0114,899
Solar PV
YearCompany NameCEC
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Net MWh
2020Not AvailableS9210Abby Power LLCCA1.52,628
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0312Adams East LLCCA19.043,476
2020Adelanto Solar LLCS0410Adelanto Solar ICA20.053,615
2020Adelanto Solar LLCS0411Adelanto Solar IICA7.016,230
2020Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)S0218Adelanto Solar Power ProjectCA10.012,319
2020Adera Solar LLCS0421Adera SolarCA20.036,918
2020Southern Power CompanyS0308Adobe SolarCA20.044,648
2020Not AvailableS9149Advanced Micro DecivesCA3.04,865
2020Altus Power America IncS0116Aerojet I (3.6MW) Solar PlantCA3.65,725
2020Altus Power America IncS0130Aerojet II (2.4MW) Solar PlantCA2.43,752
2020Not AvailableS9200Agua Caliente (Bena A)CA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9047Airport Division City of San JoseCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9121Alameda Water DistrictCA1.32,027
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0333Alamo Solar LLCCA20.041,433
2020Algonquin Power Sanger LLCS0606Algonquin Power SKIC 10 Solar LLCCA10.018,093
2020Algonquin Power Sanger LLCS0525Algonquin Power SKIC 20 Solar LLCCA20.046,431
2020Southern Power CompanyS0324Alhambra Solar FacilityCA50.0132,878
2020Not AvailableS9046Almond Process ParreiraCA1.01,622
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0246Alpaugh 50 LLCCA50.0118,320
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0247Alpaugh North LLCCA20.044,461
2020NRG Solar Alpine LLCS0237Alpine SolarCA66.0155,843
2020Not AvailableS9006Alza Corporation (700 Eubanks)CA1.01,622
2020Goldman SachsS0702American KingsCA123.09,019
2020Not AvailableS9110Amir Development CompanyCA1.11,847
2020Not AvailableS9211Amy Solar LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9137Angels PH Utica Power AuthorityCA1.82,838
2020Not AvailableS9074Anheuser Busch Fairfield PV Phase/Anheuser BuschCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9148ANHEUSER BUSCH INCCA2.54,054
2020Not AvailableS9212Annie Power LLCCA1.52,628
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0548Antelope Big Sky RanchCA20.052,487
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0552Antelope DSR 1 - Big Sky Solar 1CA50.0128,064
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0553Antelope DSR 2 - Big Sky Solar 2CA5.013,810
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0694Antelope DSR 3CA20.057,062
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0663Antelope Expansion 2CA105.0252,423
2020Tesla Inc.S0645Antelope Valley Lancaster Solar 1 (Avenue F)CA4.37,446
2020AV Solar Ranch 1 LLCS0241Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1CA250.0558,445
2020Not AvailableS0422AP North Lake SolarCA20.043,171
2020Not AvailableS9075Applied Materials Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Southern Power CompanyS0325Arkansas Solar FacilityCA50.0133,467
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0616Aspiration SolarCA9.021,085
2020Not AvailableS9073AT&T San Ramon (PV)/AT&T Services IncCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9142AT&T Services Inc.CA2.13,446
2020Not AvailableS9025AT&T Services Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Tesla Inc.S0620ATT (DirecTV Broadcast)CA1.01,400
2020Not AvailableS0323Atwell Island PV Solar Generating FacilityCA20.032,606
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0336Atwell Island West LLC CEDCA20.044,683
2020Augustine Energy CorporationS0460Augustine Energy PVCA3.05,256
2020Eurus Energy America CorporationS0126Avenal Park SolarCA6.011,242
2020Not AvailableS9213Ayden Power LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS0642Bakersfield Industrial 1CA1.02,241
2020Not AvailableS0643Bakersfield Solar 1CA5.39,563
2020Tesla Inc.S0662BART LafayetteCA1.01,411
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0615Bayshore Solar ACA20.052,118
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0613Bayshore Solar BCA20.049,642
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0614Bayshore Solar CCA20.049,574
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0637Beacon 2CA45.0124,835
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0554Beacon 3CA60.0138,418
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0555Beacon 4CA50.0123,052
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0638Beacon 5CA36.0100,871
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0587Beacon Solar 1CA56.0139,420
2020Bear Creek Solar LLCS0303Bear Creek SolarCA1.53,927
2020Not AvailableS9214Becca Solar LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9038Beret & Kees Jan De JongCA1.01,622
2020Blackwell Solar LLCS0339Blackwell SolarCA12.031,249
2020Clearway EnergyS0111Blythe 1 SolarCA21.043,670
2020Blythe Solar 110 LLCS0519Blythe Solar 110 LLCCA110.0295,392
2020NRG Solar Blythe II LLCS0529Blythe Solar II LLCCA125.0277,445
2020NextEra Energy Resources LLCS0699Blythe Solar III, LLCCA125.0223,127
2020NextEra Energy Resources LLCS0708Blythe Solar IV LLCCA125.089,027
2020Sacramento PV Energy LLCS0157Boessow (Van Connett Solar Farm)CA3.05,385
2020Longroad EnergyS0373Bolthouse Farms - S&PCA1.01,626
2020Not AvailableS0372Borrego Solar - Twin OaksCA1.01,752
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS0458Buford Five Points Solar Park (Excelsior)CA60.0135,673
2020Not AvailableS0588Buford Giffen SolarCA20.030,430
2020Silicon Ranch CorporationS0375CA Correctional Institution - TahachapiCA1.01,608
2020Silicon Ranch CorporationS0376CA Correctional Institution II - TehachapiCA1.32,386
2020Not AvailableS9164CA Dept of Correctionns ChowchillaCA3.05,256
2020Not AvailableS9166CA Dept of Correctionns CorcoranCA3.05,256
2020Not AvailableS9163CA Dept of Correctionns Salinas (SVSP)CA2.03,504
2020Not AvailableS9165CA Dept of Correctionns WASCO (WSP)CA2.03,504
2020Not AvailableS9162CA Dept of Corrections Solano (CSPS)CA1.01,752
2020Silicon Ranch CorporationS0356CA State Prison LA County (CSPL)CA2.04,308
2020Not AvailableS9026CA State University FresnoCA1.01,622
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0689California Flats 150CA150.0369,877
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0636California Flats NorthCA130.0340,805
2020Not AvailableS9077California National GuardCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9062California Natural ProductsCA1.01,622
2020Clearway EnergyS0240California Valley Solar RanchCA250.0646,245
2020Southern Power CompanyS0347Calipatria Solar FarmCA20.041,832
2020Meridian Energy USA IncS0121CalRENEW-1CA5.09,180
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0313Camelot LLCCA45.0126,019
2020Not AvailableS9275Cami Solar LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9139Campbell Soup Supply Company LLCCA2.03,918
2020Campo Verde Solar LLCS0258Campo Verde Solar ProjectCA147.2334,946
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0176Cantua Solar StationCA20.042,368
2020Not AvailableS9083Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9215Carly Solar LLCCA1.01,752
2020Longroad EnergyS0289Cascade Solar PVCA19.051,651
2020Green Light Energy CorporationS0551Castor Solar ProjectCA1.53,080
2020EDF Renewable Energy IncS0081Catalina Solar Phase I and IICA110.0250,684
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0334Catalina Two LLCCA18.048,175
2020Not AvailableS9157CBS Television CityCA1.83,224
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0585CED Avenal LLCCA15.026,191
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0688CED Lost Hills Solar, LLCCA20.046,072
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0586CED Oro Loma 1 & 2CA20.050,470
2020Not AvailableS9082Cemex Construction Materials Pacific LLCCA1.01,622
2020LS PowerS0291Centinela Solar EnergyCA174.0498,993
2020Not AvailableS9216Central Antelope Dry Ranch B2 LLCCA1.57,910
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0549Central Antelope Dry Ranch CCA20.032,716
2020Not AvailableS9130Central Marin Sanitation AgencyCA1.52,432
2020Not AvailableS9123Chabot - Las Positas Community CollegeCA1.32,076
2020Not AvailableS9146Chabot Las Positas Community College DistrictCA2.33,786
2020Not AvailableS9309Chalk Hill Solar Project LLC_(CHSP)CA0.3401
2020Sacramento PV Energy LLCS9414Champagne Solar PVCA1.21,890
2020Not AvailableS9089Charles R. Crain Jr.CA1.01,622
2020Longroad EnergyS0122Chuckawalla Valley State Prison (CVSP)CA1.01,653
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0423Citizen Solar BCA5.010,328
2020Not AvailableS9090City of AtwaterCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9021City of ChicoCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9060City of DinubaCA1.01,737
2020Not AvailableS9145City of Fresno - Fresno Yosemite AirportCA2.33,649
2020Not AvailableS9061City of HollisterCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9048City of MaderaCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9094City of San JoseCA1.01,638
2020Not AvailableS9095City of Santa ClaraCA1.01,646
2020Not AvailableS9124City of Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment PlantCA1.32,108
2020Not AvailableS9134City of Sunnyvale Wastewater Treatment PlantCA1.62,595
2020Not AvailableS9099City of YubaCA1.01,662
2020Not AvailableS9055Clos Du Bois Wines Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9305Cloverdale Solar 1 LLC_(FSEC1)CA1.52,943
2020Not AvailableS9306Cloverdale Solar 2 LLC_(FSEC2)CA1.51,971
2020Adapture Renewables, Inc.S0692Cloverdale Solar CenterCA1.02,332
2020GreenLead-TNX ManagementS0309Cloverdale Solar ICA1.51,889
2020Tesla Inc.S0659Clovis USD East High SchoolCA1.01,492
2020Tesla Inc.S0658Clovis USD High SchoolCA1.01,330
2020Not AvailableS9010Co. Inc. #21 WalgreensCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS0350Coalinga State HospitalCA2.05,227
2020Not AvailableS9024Codding EnterprisesCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9057Codding Enterprises Ltd PartnershipCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS0593Cole GradeCA2.45,861
2020Not AvailableS9016College District Contra Costa Community 1CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9017College District Contra Costa Community 2CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9045College District Kern CommunityCA1.01,622
2020PSEG Solar Source LLCS0343Columbia Solar Energy LLCCA19.033,396
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0314Columbia Two LLCCA15.042,934
2020Not AvailableS9039Community College District Chabot Las PositasCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9052Community College MendocinoCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9063Community Hospital of Monterey PeninsulaCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9117Contra Costa Community College - DVCCA1.21,987
2020Not AvailableS9118Contra Costa Community College - Los MedanosCA1.22,003
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0335Corcoran 2 Solar LLC CEDCA19.844,811
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0520Corcoran 3 SolarCA20.045,875
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0317Corcoran Irrigation District Solar LLCCA20.047,559
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0249Corcoran LLC CEDCA20.048,952
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0434Coronal Lost Hills SolarCA20.046,138
2020CoronusS0165Coronus 29-Palms North 1CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0166Coronus 29-Palms North 2CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0167Coronus 29-Palms North 3CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0172Coronus Joshua Tree East 1CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0173Coronus Joshua Tree East 2CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0174Coronus Joshua Tree East 3CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0169Coronus Yucca Valley East 1CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0170Coronus Yucca Valley East 2CA1.52,628
2020CoronusS0171Coronus Yucca Valley East 3CA1.52,628
2020Cottonwood Solar LLC (Cottonwood Carport Solar)S0528Cottonwood Carport SolarCA1.01,208
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0332Cottonwood City of Corcoran LLCCA11.026,392
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0331Cottonwood Goose Lake LLCCA12.031,416
2020Not AvailableS9079County of KernCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9015County of LakeCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9101County of Santa ClaraCA1.01,687
2020Not AvailableS9103County of Santa ClaraCA1.11,711
2020Not AvailableS9125County of SonomaCA1.32,126
2020Not AvailableS0674CREST ContractsCA5.08,906
2020Not AvailableS9219CSC Solar LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9217CSC Solar I LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9218CSC Solar II LLCCA1.01,752
2020Silicon Ranch CorporationS9027CSU BakersfieldCA1.41,507
2020Not AvailableS9028CSU Monterey Bay - PVCA1.01,622
2020D. E. ShawS0617Cuyama SolarCA40.093,242
2020Not AvailableS9220D2 Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9221D2 Solar 2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS0648Delano Land 1CA1.01,754
2020Not AvailableS0669Delsur SolarCA8.523,780
2020Dependable Highway Express IncS0184Dependable Highway ExpressCA1.01,840
2020Not AvailableS9116Dependable Highway Express IncCA1.21,974
2020Not AvailableS9288Descanso Solar - CRECA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9286Desert Green Solar Farm LLCCA6.513,717
2020EDF Renewable Energy IncS0711Desert Harvest II LLCCA70.04,667
2020EDF Renewable Energy IncS0710Desert Harvest LLCCA80.05,790
2020Not AvailableS0640Desert Hot Springs 2CA1.53,185
2020Desert Stateline Solar, LLCS0457Desert Stateline Solar FacilityCA299.0651,930
2020Desert Sunlight 250 LLCS0256Desert Sunlight 250CA250.0610,662
2020Desert Sunlight 300 LLCS0257Desert Sunlight 300CA300.0658,462
2020Not AvailableS9222Dreamer Solar LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9283Drew Energy LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9223DT Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9224DT Solar 2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9225DT Solar 3 LLCCA1.01,752
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0579Ducor Solar 1CA20.046,642
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0580Ducor Solar 2CA20.047,047
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0581Ducor Solar 3CA15.035,240
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0582Ducor Solar 4CA20.045,575
2020Golden Solar LLC (Dulles)S0572DullesCA2.03,185
2020Not AvailableS9035E & J Gallo WineryCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9056E&J Gallo WineryCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9264East Side Calpella 2MW PV Project (1) (2012 PV RFO - 1)CA2.03,504
2020Not AvailableS9290Ecos Energy LLC_(Bear Creek Solar Project)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9292Ecos Energy LLC_(Vintner Solar Project)CA1.54,057
2020Sol Orchard Imperial 1 LLCS0461ECPV SolarCA20.051,923
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS0424EE Kettleman Solar 1CA20.048,505
2020Not AvailableS0369ELACC - Parking LotCA1.00
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0556Elevation Solar CCA40.0110,491
2020RC Energy Hollister, LLCS0387Enerparc CA1 LLCCA2.23,146
2020Adapture Renewables, Inc.S0583Enerparc CA2CA1.53,499
2020Not AvailableS9131Equity Office PropertyCA1.52,432
2020Not AvailableS9226Erika Solar LLCCA1.52,628
2020Tulare PV I LLCS0608Exeter SolarCA3.56,668
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0299Expressway Solar ACA2.04,737
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0413Expressway Solar BCA2.04,098
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9276Expressway Solar C2CA1.53,625
2020Not AvailableS9097FAA Norcal TRACONCA1.01,652
2020Longroad EnergyS0362Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District - WTPCA1.00
2020PSEG Solar Source LLCS0300Fall River Mills Project A & BCA3.06,815
2020Not AvailableS9004Farm ACWCA1.01,621
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0516Farmersville (Formerly Sequoia PV1)CA4.57,701
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0140Five Points Solar StationCA15.024,139
2020Not AvailableS9008Foods Inc. United NaturalCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9135Foothill - De Anza Community College DistrictCA1.62,604
2020Not AvailableS9136Foothill College - Pv CapstoneCA1.72,781
2020Not AvailableS9289Foothill Farmington 2MW PV Project (2) (2012 PV RFO - 1)CA2.03,504
2020Not AvailableS9161Fort Hunter Liggett Dept of ArmyCA2.03,504
2020Not AvailableS9013Fosters Wine Estates Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9085Fowler Packing Company Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9086Fowler Packing Company Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9001FPUD - SanitaryCA1.01,619
2020Golden Solar LLC (Dulles)S0578Freeway SpringsCA2.03,135
2020Not AvailableS9064Fremont Group 50 Beale/DG Cogen Partners LLCCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9113Fremont Group Inc. 50 Beale/DG Cogen Partners LLCCA1.21,897
2020Not AvailableS9182Fresh Air Energy LLC_(Pioneer 1)CA1.51,971
2020QE - Foresight Group USS9175Fresh Air Energy IV - Sonora 1CA1.53,606
2020Fresno CogenerationS0425Fresno Solar SouthCA1.53,202
2020Fresno CogenerationS0426Fresno Solar WestCA1.53,188
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS0459Frontier Solar LLC (Crow Creek)CA20.049,932
2020Not AvailableS9201Garces (Oswell A)CA1.52,628
2020Southern Power CompanyS0531Garland Solar FacilityCA205.1541,908
2020Not AvailableS9401Garnet Solar Power Generation Station 1CA4.07,364
2020RE Gaskwell West 1 LLCS0639Gaskell West 1CA23.453,349
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0224Gates Solar StationCA20.030,955
2020Genentech IncS0403Genentech Inc - OceansideCA4.36,570
2020Tesla Inc.S0630Genentech Inc. - VacavilleCA7.98,009
2020Not AvailableS9065General Chemical Corp/Chevron Energy SolutionsCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9076George JacksonCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9066Ghiradelli ChocolateCA1.01,622
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS0605Giffen Solar Park LLCCA20.030,429
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0178Giffen Solar StationCA10.019,037
2020Thrifty OilS0208Golden Springs Building C1CA1.31,753
2020Thrifty OilS0209Golden Springs Building D1CA1.3-706
2020Thrifty OilS0576Golden Springs Building FCA1.32,387
2020Thrifty OilS0575Golden Springs Building GCA1.32,213
2020Thrifty OilS0438Golden Springs Building HCA1.52,702
2020Thrifty OilS0577Golden Springs Building LCA1.01,592
2020Thrifty OilS0439Golden Springs Building MCA1.82,925
2020Not AvailableS9012Golden State VintnersCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9202Goodbar Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9005Google Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9031Google Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9102Granite Construction CompanyCA1.11,703
2020Yolo County General ServicesS0310Grasslands EPWFCA2.54,598
2020Yolo County General ServicesS0311Grasslands RES-BCTCA2.54,018
2020Great Valley Solar Portfolio Holdings LLCS0653Great Valley Solar Portfolio (Tranquillity 8)CA200.0530,749
2020OL Elk Grove Trust a Delaware Statutory TrustS0204Green Acres Solar Facility 1CA3.06,720
2020OL Elk Grove Trust a Delaware Statutory TrustS0203Green Acres Solar Facility 2CA1.02,320
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0666Green Beanworks BCA3.07,019
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0667Green Beanworks CCA3.07,546
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0668Green Beanworks DCA3.07,291
2020Not AvailableS9087Grimmway Enterprises Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9088Grimmway Enterprises Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9091Grimmway Enterprises Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9014Grundfos PumpsCA1.01,622
2020Sacramento PV Energy LLCS0156Grundman-Wilkinson Solar Farm (Bruceville Road)CA18.032,686
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0225Guernsey Solar StationCA20.041,822
2020Los Angeles Community College DistrictS0182Harbor College LACCDCA1.11,927
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0427Hayworth Solar FarmCA26.748,545
2020Not AvailableS9037Health Plan Inc. Kaiser FoundationCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9049Health Plan Inc. Kaiser FoundationCA1.01,622
2020AxInfra US LPS0298Heber Solar FacilityCA10.024,537
2020Southern Power CompanyS0532Henrietta Solar FacilityCA102.0242,362
2020Not AvailableS9003Hewlett PackardCA1.01,620
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS9409Highlander Solar 1 (SEPV8)CA12.027,106
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS9410Highlander Solar 2 (SEPV9)CA9.020,158
2020Hollister Solar LLCS0428Hollister SolarCA1.53,809
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0177Huron Solar StationCA20.037,665
2020Not AvailableS9300Ignite Solar LLC_(Achomawi)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9301Ignite Solar LLC_(Ahjumawi)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9195Ignite Solar LLC_(Alkali Gardner A)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9196Ignite Solar LLC_(Merced Ave A)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9197Ignite Solar LLC_(Merced Ave B)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9198Ignite Solar LLC_(Merced Ave C)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9320ImModo California 1 LLC_(Alta 1)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9321ImModo California 1 LLC_(Alta 3)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9322ImModo California 1 LLC_(Alta 4)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9323ImModo California 1 LLC_(Alta 5)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9324ImModo California 1 LLC_(Alta 6)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9325ImModo California 1 LLC_(East Orosi 1)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9326ImModo California 1 LLC_(East Orosi 2)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9327ImModo California 1 LLC_(East Orosi 3)CA1.51,971
2020Tenaska Inc.S0255Imperial Solar Energy Center SouthCA128.9282,968
2020Tenaska Inc.S0440Imperial Solar Energy Center WestCA148.7390,045
2020D. E. ShawS0696Imperial Valley Solar 2CA150.0413,970
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0342Imperial Valley Solar Company (IVSC) 2 LLCCA20.043,991
2020Not AvailableS9112Independence HSCA1.21,897
2020IntertieS0221Industry MetroLink PV 1CA1.52,503
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9277Industry Solar Power Generation Station 1CA1.54,118
2020Not AvailableS9067Inergy Propoane LLCCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9050Ingomar Packing Co.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9098Intel CorporationCA1.01,653
2020Tesla Inc.S0622Intel Corporation - Folsom Carport Phase 1CA1.1203
2020Not AvailableS9096Intel Corporation - Folsom Carport Phase 2CA1.0210
2020Tesla Inc.S0629Intel Corporation - Folsom Carport Phase 3CA6.44,287
2020Longroad EnergyS0114Ironwood State PrisonCA1.02,004
2020Not AvailableS0357Ironwood State Prison IICA4.07,008
2020Not AvailableS9122Irrigation District South San JoaquinCA1.32,027
2020Tulare PV I LLCS0348Ivanhoe SolarCA3.56,441
2020Imperial Irrigation DistrictS0161IVSC1 - (SunPeak 1) - 23MW PVCA23.043,231
2020Not AvailableS9033Jackson MichaelCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS0594Jacumba Solar FarmCA20.038,757
2020Not AvailableS9104JATCOCA1.11,712
2020Not AvailableS9203Josh Energy LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9227JRam Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9228JRam Solar 2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9229JRam Solar 3 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Sacramento PV Energy LLCS9412Jurupa Valley Solar PVCA1.52,932
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0319Kansas LLCCA20.045,042
2020Clearway EnergyS0260Kansas SouthCA20.048,165
2020Not AvailableS9193KDW Solar 1 LLC (KDW Solar 1 )CA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9199KDW Solar 2 LLCCA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9230Kell Solar 1 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9231Kell Solar 2 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0315Kent South LLCCA20.048,237
2020Not AvailableS9106Kern County Water AgencyCA1.11,784
2020Not AvailableS9152Kern County Water AgencyCA4.16,689
2020Not AvailableS9204Kern River (Bena B)CA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS0301Kettleman SolarCA1.02,557
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0566Kingbird Solar ACA20.756,411
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0567Kingbird Solar BCA20.757,139
2020Tulare PV I LLCS9181Kingsburg Solar (1 & 2)CA3.06,706
2020Silicon Ranch CorporationS0377Kohl's - San Bernardino - CentralCA1.01,651
2020Longroad EnergyS0370Kohl's - San Bernardino - MillCA1.01,455
2020Konoike Pacific California IncS0144Konoike Pacific California IncCA1.41,730
2020Sacramento PV Energy LLCS0155Kost (Fleshman Solar Farm)CA3.05,500
2020L-8 Solar Project LLCS0226L-8 Solar ProjectCA1.52,175
2020LA County MTA/MetroS0183LA County MTA/MetroCA1.01,840
2020Los Angeles Community College DistrictS0152LA Harbor CollegeCA2.12,841
2020X-Elio North America Inc.S0179La Joya Del SolCA1.51,452
2020Not AvailableS0592Lancaster BCA3.07,656
2020Not AvailableS9232Lancaster Del Sur Ranch C2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9413Lancaster Dry Farm Ranch BCA5.011,897
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9415Lancaster Little Rock C Solar PVCA5.011,301
2020Not AvailableS0670Lancaster SolarCA5.510,589
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS9233Lancaster Solar 1 LLCCA1.54,330
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS9234Lancaster Solar 2 LLCCA1.53,862
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0612Lancaster WAD BCA3.07,354
2020Not AvailableS9287LanWest Solar Farm LLCCA3.54,599
2020Los Angeles Community College DistrictS0219LAPC Carport Shade Structures (Los Angeles Pierce College)CA2.13,313
2020Lemoore PV 1 LLCS0571Lemoore PV 1 LLCCA1.51,307
2020Not AvailableS9235Leolani Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9236Leolani Solar 2 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9268Lincoln Solar Millenium Fund LLC_(Lincoln Solar #A)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9269Lincoln Solar Millenium Fund LLC_(Lincoln Solar #B)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9270Lincoln Solar Millenium Fund LLC_(Nicholas Solar #C)CA1.51,971
2020Tulare PV I LLCS0609Lindsay SolarCA4.07,375
2020Longroad EnergyS0703Little Bear Solar 1CA40.02,263
2020Longroad EnergyS0704Little Bear Solar 3CA20.01,324
2020Longroad EnergyS0705Little Bear Solar 4CA50.03,125
2020Longroad EnergyS0706Little Bear Solar 5CA50.02,773
2020Not AvailableS0589Little Rock Pham SolarCA3.08,285
2020Not AvailableS9237Lola Energy 1 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9238Lola Energy 2 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9153Loma Linda VA Health Care SystemCA2.84,971
2020Not AvailableS9032Lomo Cold Storage LLCCA1.01,622
2020EDP Renewables North America LLCS0328Lone Valley Solar Park 1CA10.022,966
2020EDP Renewables North America LLCS0329Lone Valley Solar Park 2CA20.046,026
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0545LongBoat SolarCA20.051,134
2020Not AvailableS9158Los Angeles Community College DistrictCA2.33,998
2020Not AvailableS9053Los Gatos Tomato ProductsCA1.01,622
2020Lost Hills Solar LLCS0340Lost Hills SolarCA20.052,689
2020Not AvailableS9059Madera Community HospitalCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS0644Manteca Land 1CA1.01,874
2020Not AvailableS9009Mariani Packing Co. Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0412Maricopa West Solar PVCA20.041,676
2020Not AvailableS9068Market & Second Inc/Real EnergyCA1.01,622
2020EDF Renewable Energy IncS0712Maverick SolarCA125.09,789
2020EDF Renewable Energy IncS0713Maverick Solar 4CA100.05,168
2020Not AvailableS9034Maxco Supply Inc.CA1.01,622
2020McCoy Solar LLCS0346McCoy Solar LLCCA250.0569,161
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0665MCE Richmond Solar PV ProjectCA10.520,455
2020AxInfra US LPS0180McHenry Solar PlantCA25.561,170
2020Merced Solar LLCS0429Merced SolarCA1.53,868
2020X-Elio North America Inc.S0162Meridian (Paso Robles Solar LLC)CA1.11,759
2020NLP Granger A82 LLCS0584Mesa Crest (Lilac)CA3.07,284
2020Not AvailableS9132Mid Valley DairyCA1.52,432
2020X-Elio North America Inc.S0522Midway Solar Farm ICA49.9106,641
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0600Midway Solar Farm II (96WI 8ME, LLC)CA30.873,903
2020Not AvailableS0595Milliken Landfill SolarCA3.04,770
2020Mission Solar LLCS0430Mission SolarCA1.54,008
2020Not AvailableS9205MJ Power LLCCA1.52,628
2020Tesla Inc.S0621Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control AgencyCA1.11,217
2020Morelos Solar LLCS0404Morelos Solar FacilityCA15.035,306
2020Coronal Lost Hills, LLCS0435Morgan Lancaster I LLCCA1.53,606
2020Imperial Valley Solar 3, LLCS0655Mt. Signal 3CA252.3596,017
2020Not AvailableS9114MTACA1.21,907
2020Not AvailableS9023Napa Valley CollegeCA1.01,622
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9278Navajo Solar Power Generation Station 1CA1.54,275
2020Goldman SachsS0297Naval Air Weapons Station China LakeCA11.126,467
2020Not AvailableS9128Network ApplianceCA1.42,277
2020Not AvailableS9069Network Appliance/Chevron Energy SolutionsCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9279Newberry Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9177Nickel 1 (NLH1)CA1.52,304
2020Coronal Group LLCS0538NicolisCA20.046,811
2020Not AvailableS9107Nilsen FarmsCA1.11,796
2020Not AvailableS9239Niner Energy 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9240Niner Energy 2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9241Niner Energy 3 LLCCA1.01,752
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0414North Bay Solar 1CA1.01,975
2020Silicon Ranch CorporationS0358North Kern State PrisonCA1.01,278
2020Not AvailableS0359North Kern State Prison IICA4.07,008
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0560North Lancaster RanchCA20.033,682
2020Solar Power IncS0250North Palm Springs 1ACA2.85,598
2020Solar Power IncS0251North Palm Springs 4ACA4.99,848
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0657North Rosamond SolarCA151.1350,565
2020North Star Solar LLCS0341North Star SolarCA61.6142,832
2020Not AvailableS9100Norvartis Pharmaceuticals CorpCA1.01,670
2020Blythe Solar 110 LLCS0601NRG Blythe Solar II LLCCA20.049,522
2020Clearway EnergyS0238NRG Solar Borrego ICA26.066,151
2020NRG Solar Community I LLCS0296NRG Solar Community I LLC (SDSU Solar)CA5.714,210
2020Not AvailableS9170Oakley Solar ProjectCA1.52,169
2020Clearway EnergyS0338Oasis SolarCA20.054,277
2020Not AvailableS0671Oasis SolarCA13.531,450
2020Not AvailableS9156Occidental College Solar ProjectCA1.12,001
2020Not AvailableS9081Ohlone Community College DistrictCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9126Olam West CoastCA1.42,192
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0316Old River One LLCCA20.047,149
2020Not AvailableS0641One Ten PartnersCA2.05,489
2020Longroad EnergyS0306Orion 1 SolarCA12.423,429
2020Longroad EnergyS0307Orion 2 SolarCA8.013,752
2020Not AvailableS9133Oro Loma Sanitary DistrictCA1.52,449
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9280Otoe Solar Power Generation Station 1CA1.53,457
2020Longroad EnergyS0363Palm Springs SD - Cathedral City HSCA1.01,692
2020Longroad EnergyS0365Palm Springs SD - Palm Springs HSCA1.01,778
2020Longroad EnergyS0367Palm Springs SD - Rancho Mirage HSCA1.01,511
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0635Panoche Valley SolarCA140.0325,480
2020Not AvailableS9011Paramount Farms Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9265Parducci 2MW PV Project (3) (2012 PV RFO - 1)CA2.03,504
2020Kona Solar LLCS0441Park MeridianCA1.52,920
2020Not AvailableS0361Patton State Hospital IICA1.01,750
2020SunPower Capital ServicesS0543Pearblossom SolarCA9.525,391
2020Not AvailableS9043Peralta Community College DistCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9307Petaluma Solar Millennium Fund LLC_(Petaluma Solar #1101)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9308Petaluma Solar Millennium Fund LLC_(Petaluma Solar #1102)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS0442Pico RiveraCA0.91,635
2020Los Angeles Community College DistrictS0181Pierce College LACCDCA2.13,679
2020Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP)S9160Pine Tree Solar ProjectCA8.510,092
2020Not AvailableS0349Pleasant Valley State PrisonCA1.22,979
2020Sacramento PV Energy LLCS0154Point Pleasant (Lawrence Solar Farm)CA1.01,780
2020Not AvailableS9070Pokka BottlingCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9042Pollution Control Monterey Reg'l WaterCA1.01,622
2020Port of Los AngelesS0142Port of Los Angeles Berth 93CA1.11,927
2020Not AvailableS9030Port of OaklandCA1.01,622
2020D. E. ShawS0597Portal Ridge B, LLCCA20.048,800
2020D. E. ShawS0598Portal Ridge C, LLCCA11.428,827
2020Tulare PV I LLCS0151Porterville SolarCA3.56,576
2020Not AvailableS9019Power Agency Northern CACA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9051Power Agency Northern CaliforniaCA1.01,622
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9281Powhatan Solar Power Generation Station 1CA1.54,376
2020Not AvailableS9044Primex Farms LLCCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9294Pristine Sun Fund 1 LLC_(2056_Jardine)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9296Pristine Sun Fund 1 LLC_(2059_Scherz)CA0.8985
2020Not AvailableS9184Pristine Sun Fund 1 LLC_(2094_Buzzelle)CA1.31,642
2020Not AvailableS9183Pristine Sun Fund 1 LLC_(2125_Jarvis)CA1.01,314
2020Pristine Sun LLCS9310Pristine Sun Fund 1 LLC_(2127_Harris)CA1.32,361
2020Not AvailableS9267Pristine Sun Fund 10 Fresno PGE LLC_(2097_Helton)CA1.53,632
2020Not AvailableS9190Pristine Sun Fund 10 Fresno PGE LLC_(2102_Christensen)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9317Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2020_Rolf)CA0.5657
2020Not AvailableS9312Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2021_Doran)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9315Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2039_Flournoy)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9313Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2040_Alvares)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9319Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2041_Alvares)CA0.3328
2020Not AvailableS9318Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2065_Rogers)CA0.5657
2020Not AvailableS9302Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2113_Fritzjarrell)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9314Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2119_Lvvorn)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9316Pristine Sun Fund 5 LLC_(2158_Stroing)CA0.8985
2020Not AvailableS9185Pristine Sun Fund 6 Butte PGE LLC_(2096_Cotton)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9186Pristine Sun Fund 6 Butte PGE LLC_(2129_Ballard)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9298Pristine Sun Fund 7 San Luis Obispo PGE LLC_(2050_Gomez)CA0.5657
2020Not AvailableS9293Pristine Sun Fund 7 San Luis Obispo PGE LLC_(2052_Cossa)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS9299Pristine Sun Fund 7 San Luis Obispo PGE LLC_(2053_Pisciotta)CA0.3328
2020Not AvailableS9297Pristine Sun Fund 7 San Luis Obispo PGE LLC_(2103_Hill)CA0.8985
2020Not AvailableS9295Pristine Sun Fund 7 San Luis Obispo PGE LLC_(2163_Bray)CA1.01,314
2020Not AvailableS9311Pristine Sun Fund 8 Sutter PGE LLC_(2179_Smotherman)CA0.5657
2020Longroad EnergyS0368Procter & Gamble - OxnardCA1.01,775
2020Plumas Sierra Rural Electric CooperativeS0697PSREC/SIAD SolarCA2.56,056
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS9416Pumpjack Solar 1 PVCA20.043,699
2020Not AvailableS9404Putah Creek Solar FarmCA2.04,890
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0443Quinto Solar PV ProjectCA108.0266,082
2020Not AvailableS9206Rachel Energy LLCCA1.52,628
2020QE - Foresight Group USS0261Radiance Solar 4CA1.53,287
2020QE - Foresight Group USS0262Radiance Solar 5CA1.53,390
2020Sol OrchardS0305Ramona 1 & 2CA7.513,327
2020San Diego Gas & ElectricS0634Ramona Solar Energy FacilityCA4.96,210
2020Kona Solar LLCS0446Rancho Cucamonga Distribution #1CA1.83,078
2020D. E. ShawS0602Rancho Seco SolarCA10.922,903
2020D. E. ShawS0701Rancho Seco Solar IICA160.08,645
2020Recurrent Energy LLCS0536RE AstoriaCA100.0286,961
2020Recurrent Energy LLCS0537RE Astoria 2CA75.0221,110
2020Recurrent Energy LLCS0530RE Barren Ridge 1CA60.0168,612
2020Canadian SolarS0284RE Bruceville Solar 1CA5.010,250
2020Canadian SolarS0285RE Bruceville Solar 2CA5.011,006
2020Canadian SolarS0286RE Bruceville Solar 3CA5.010,766
2020Goldman SachsS0294RE Columbia 3CA10.022,938
2020Canadian SolarS0280RE Dillard Road 1CA3.05,625
2020Canadian SolarS0281RE Dillard Road 2CA3.06,293
2020Canadian SolarS0282RE Dillard Road 3CA3.06,198
2020Canadian SolarS0283RE Dillard Road 4CA0.4627
2020Canadian SolarS0205RE Kammerer Road 1CA5.010,893
2020Canadian SolarS0206RE Kammerer Road 2CA5.011,169
2020Canadian SolarS0207RE Kammerer Road 3CA5.011,222
2020Canadian SolarS0211RE McKenzie 1CA5.011,322
2020Canadian SolarS0212RE McKenzie 2CA5.011,716
2020Canadian SolarS0213RE McKenzie 3CA5.011,799
2020Canadian SolarS0214RE McKenzie 4CA5.011,024
2020Canadian SolarS0215RE McKenzie 5CA5.011,462
2020Canadian SolarS0216RE McKenzie 6CA5.011,459
2020Kaiser PermanenteS0220RE MohicanCA1.01,690
2020Recurrent Energy LLCS0533RE MustangCA30.070,712
2020Recurrent Energy LLCS0534RE Mustang 3CA40.086,729
2020Recurrent Energy LLCS0535RE Mustang 4CA30.074,452
2020PureGen PowerS0222RE North FaceCA1.01,802
2020Canadian SolarS0278RE Rio GrandeCA5.010,427
2020Goldman SachsS0288RE Rosamond OneCA20.057,108
2020Goldman SachsS0287RE Rosamond TwoCA20.044,051
2020Goldman SachsS0279RE Victor Phelan Solar OneCA17.544,108
2020Not AvailableS0673Rector SolarCA17.325,366
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0431Redcrest Solar FarmCA16.733,848
2020Not AvailableS0672Redway SolarCA8.514,896
2020Not AvailableS0652Redwood Solar Farm 4CA20.049,722
2020Not AvailableS0321Regulus SolarCA60.0142,754
2020Not AvailableS9007Rice Mill Inc. Far WestCA1.01,622
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0565Rio Bravo Solar I LLC (Pumpjack Solar2)CA20.044,673
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0547Rio Bravo Solar II (PMPJCK)CA20.045,077
2020Tesla Inc.S0627Rite Aid - LancasterCA1.12,500
2020South San Joaquin Irr DistrictS0120Robert O. Schulz Solar Farm #1 and #2CA1.41,568
2020Not AvailableS9242Rodeo Solar A2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9243Rodeo Solar B2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9244Rodeo Solar C2 LLCCA1.53,783
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9245Rodeo Solar D2 LLCCA1.52,979
2020Not AvailableS9120Roplast Industries Inc.CA1.22,019
2020Clearway EnergyS0700Rosamond CentralCA192.08,050
2020SunPower Capital ServicesS0569Rosamond West Solar 1 (Stanford Solar)CA54.0114,426
2020SunPower Capital ServicesS0570Rosamond West Solar 2 (TID Solar)CA54.0123,873
2020Not AvailableS9266Ruddick-2 2MW PV Project (4) (2012 PV RFO - 1)CA2.03,504
2020Not AvailableS9000Ruiz FoodsCA1.01,752
2020Tesla Inc.S0660Sacramento Regional County Sanitation DistrictCA3.77,627
2020Not AvailableS9071Salinas Valley Memorial HospitalCA1.01,622
2020Bay4 Energy Services LLCS0304San Benito Smart ParkCA1.53,133
2020Longroad EnergyS0378San Diego - Alta Rd. EMDF CanopyCA1.01,430
2020San Diego City ofS0401San Diego City Regional Airport AuthorityCA1.62,803
2020Not AvailableS9119San Francisco State UniversityCA1.22,011
2020Not AvailableS9127San Jose Evergreen Community CollegeCA1.42,237
2020Not AvailableS9054San Miguel WineryCA1.01,622
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0698San Pablo RacewayCA100.0276,820
2020Eurus Energy America CorporationS0131Sand DragCA19.035,888
2020Not AvailableS9246Sandra Energy LLCCA1.52,628
2020Tesla Inc.S0632Sanger USD Sanger High SchoolCA1.11,310
2020Longroad EnergyS0379SCE - CoronaCA1.01,611
2020Not AvailableS9155Sepulveda Ambulatory Care CenterCA4.07,008
2020X-Elio North America Inc.S0163SEPV 1 (Gestamp - GASNA)CA2.04,947
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0557SEPV 18 - Palmdale 18CA2.05,282
2020X-Elio North America Inc.S0164SEPV 2 (Gestamp - GASNA)CA2.04,350
2020Not AvailableS0677SEPV EASTCA3.05,520
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0550SEPV Mojave WestCA20.052,841
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0415SEPV Palmdale East LLCCA10.024,595
2020Not AvailableS9207Sequoia (Bena C)CA1.52,628
2020Coronal Group LLCS0517Sequoia PV2CA3.05,710
2020Coronal Group LLCS0518Sequoia PV3CA3.04,851
2020Not AvailableS9036Services Inc. #345 Ikea DistributionCA1.01,622
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0408Seville Solar OneCA20.050,094
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0409Seville Solar TwoCA30.077,728
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0695SFDK SolarCA6.310,806
2020NextEra Energy Resources LLCS0330Shafter Solar LLCCA20.049,793
2020Not AvailableS9002Shasta CollegeCA1.01,620
2020Not AvailableS9092Siemens Industry Inc.CA1.01,624
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0432Sierra Solar Greenworks LLCCA20.040,711
2020Not AvailableS9174Silver Ridge Mount Signal (Imperial Valley Solar 1)CA200.0399,294
2020Not AvailableS0351Snowline - Duncan Road (North)CA1.54,003
2020Not AvailableS0352Snowline - Duncan Road (South)CA1.02,521
2020Not AvailableS0355Snowline - White Road (Central)CA1.53,948
2020Not AvailableS0353Snowline - White Road (North)CA1.54,045
2020Not AvailableS0354Snowline - White Road (South)CA1.54,084
2020BHE Renewables, LLCS0252Solar Star I (MidAmerican)CA318.0826,320
2020BHE Renewables, LLCS0253Solar Star II (MidAmerican)CA279.0727,894
2020Not AvailableS0374SoledadCA1.02,363
2020Not AvailableS0360SolFocus - Victor Valley Community CollegeCA1.32,190
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0558Solverde 1CA85.0217,655
2020Southern Power CompanyS0326Sonora Solar FacilityCA50.0125,911
2020Not AvailableS9208South Kern Solar 1 (1) (SKIC 2012 PV RFO - 1)CA10.018,092
2020Not AvailableS9140Southeast Wastwater Treatment Plant/CCSFCA2.03,243
2020Southwestern Community CollegeS0399Southwestern Community CollegeCA1.11,996
2020Not AvailableS9151Spansion LLCCA3.04,865
2020Not AvailableS0678SPEV WESTCA2.03,680
2020Sierra Pacific Industries IncS0707SPI - Red BluffCA8.413,404
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0690Springbok 3CA119.6242,529
202062SK 8MW LLCS0603Springbok Solar Farm 1CA105.0294,605
202062SK 8MW LLCS0604Springbok Solar Farm 2CA155.0410,961
2020Not AvailableS0675Springville SolarCA18.526,360
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0118SPVP002 Chino Rooftop SolarCA1.2722
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0128SPVP003 RialtoCA1.2570
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0158SPVP005 RedlandsCA3.42,661
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0136SPVP006 OntarioCA2.52,453
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0185SPVP007 RedlandsCA3.22,304
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0186SPVP008 OntarioCA2.81,940
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0187SPVP009 OntarioCA1.41,191
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0188SPVP010 Fontana (Etiwanda)CA2.31,637
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0189SPVP011 Redlands RDC 4CA5.03,259
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S9167SPVP012 OntarioCA0.5447
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0190SPVP013 RedlandsCA4.93,704
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0191SPVP015 Fontana (Etiwanda) includes SPVP001CA4.73,765
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0192SPVP016 RedlandsCA1.8741
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0193SPVP017 Fontana (Etiwanda)CA4.53,578
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0194SPVP018 Fontana (Etiwanda)CA1.91,501
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0195SPVP022 RedlandsCA3.11,726
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0196SPVP023 Fontana (Etiwanda)CA3.93,803
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0197SPVP026 RialtoCA8.67,645
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0227SPVP027 RialtoCA2.61,396
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0198SPVP028 San Bernardino (Vista 28)CA4.93,712
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0199SPVP032 Ontario - Kennedy 2CA1.71,459
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0200SPVP033 Ontario - Kennedy 3CA1.31,410
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0201SPVP042 Porterville (Vestal)CA6.86,673
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0202SPVP044 Perris (Valley)CA10.20
2020Southern California Edison (SCE)S0322SPVP048 RedlandsCA5.06,224
2020Not AvailableS0210SS San Antonio West LLCCA1.91,402
2020Longroad EnergyS0366Staples - La MiradaCA1.01,556
2020Not AvailableS9129Stocker Resources/ Plains Exploration & Production CompanyCA1.42,311
2020Not AvailableS9150Stockton Delta Water Supply ProjectCA3.04,865
2020Strata Clean EnergyS0405Strata Roof 1CA1.01,458
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0139Stroud Solar StationCA20.033,707
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9251Summer North Solar 6.5CA6.513,974
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0559Summer SolarCA25.954,283
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9247Summer Solar A2 LLCCA1.53,754
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9248Summer Solar B2 LLCCA1.53,719
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9249Summer Solar C2 LLCCA1.53,663
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9250Summer Solar D2 LLCCA1.02,254
2020Not AvailableS9252Summer Solar F2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9253Summer Solar G2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9254Summer Solar H2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020GASNA 36P, LLCS0654Summer WheatCA18.540,699
2020Eurus Energy America CorporationS0127Sun CityCA20.037,589
2020SunHarvest SolarS0437Sun Harvest Solar NDP1CA1.52,984
2020Not AvailableS0449SunE - Dupont OntarioCA1.01,657
2020Not AvailableS0453SunE - E Philadelphia OntarioCA1.32,277
2020Not AvailableS0454SunE - Jurupa FontanaCA1.22,084
2020Not AvailableS0448SunE - Mira LomaCA0.5876
2020Not AvailableS0450SunE - OxnardCA2.74,730
2020Not AvailableS0452SunE - RedlandsCA1.83,206
2020Not AvailableS0447SunE - RochesterCA1.01,294
2020Not AvailableS0451SunE - San BernardinoCA1.93,329
2020Not AvailableS0455SunE - TorranceCA1.01,720
2020Not AvailableS0168SunEdison Hesperia Solar PVCA1.52,781
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS0590Sunray 2 (formerly SEGS I)CA20.058,716
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS0591Sunray 3 (formerly SEGS II)CA13.833,980
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0123Sunset Reservoir North Basin SolarCA4.56,334
2020Not AvailableS9108Superior Packing Co.CA1.11,802
2020Clearway EnergyS0239TA High Desert Antelope Power PlantCA20.051,334
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0416Tahquitz High SchoolCA1.01,682
2020Not AvailableS9209Tehachapi (Oswell B)CA1.52,628
2020Tesla Inc.S0631Temecula Valley USD Temecula Valley HSCA1.1860
2020Temescal Canyon RV LLCS0133Temescal Canyon RV LLCCA1.52,130
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0444Tequesquite Landfill Solar PV ProjectCA7.513,911
2020Kona Solar LLCS0433Terra FrancescoCA1.52,861
2020Pristine Sun LLCS0302TerzianCA1.32,422
2020Not AvailableS9020The Gap IncCA1.01,622
2020Sunpin SolarS0715Titan Solar ICA70.09,853
2020Not AvailableS9022Tony's Fine FoodsCA1.01,622
2020Topaz Solar Farms LLCS0245Topaz Solar Farms LLCCA550.01,282,720
2020Not AvailableS9282Toro Power 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9284Toro Power 2 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Southern Power CompanyS0526Tranquillity LLCCA205.3427,615
2020Not AvailableS9255Treen Solar 1 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9256Treen Solar 2 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Coronal Group LLCS0539TropicoCA14.032,412
2020CD Arevon USA Inc.S0693Tulare (Formerly Sequoia PV1)CA3.04,665
2020Not AvailableS9109U.S. Coast GuardCA1.11,841
2020Not AvailableS9147U.S. National Leasing LLC_(Depot Park)CA3.04,006
2020Not AvailableS9029UC MercedCA1.01,622
2020University of California San DiegoS0129UCSD Solar PV SystemCA1.22,677
2020Not AvailableS9041Unified School District Morgan HillCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9258United States Department of Agriculture Forest ServiceCA0.3438
2020Not AvailableS9138University of San FranciscoCA2.03,195
2020Tesla Inc.S0661US General Service Administration - SacramentoCA1.42,174
2020Tesla Inc.S0624US-TOPCO: Division Site 3 45404CA1.02,040
2020Tesla Inc.S0625US-TOPCO: Division Site 3 45406CA1.72,852
2020Tesla Inc.S0626US-TOPCO: Kettering Site 1CA1.01,840
2020Tesla Inc.S0628US-TOPCO: Soccer CenterCA3.75,397
2020United States Marine CorpsS0402USMCCA2.84,906
2020United States Marine CorpsS0400USMC Maintenance OfficerCA1.52,681
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0110Vaca Dixon Solar StationCA2.03,579
2020Not AvailableS9304Vaca Solar Millenium Fund LLC (Vaca Solar #100)CA1.51,971
2020Not AvailableS0679Valencia ICA3.05,520
2020EDF Renewable Energy IncS0714Valentine SolarCA100.0253,577
2020Not AvailableS9115Vallejo Sanitation and Flood Control DistrictCA1.21,865
2020Sol OrchardS9178Valley Center 1 & 2CA7.517,510
2020Not AvailableS9080Vaquero Energy Inc.CA1.01,622
2020Longroad EnergyS0337Vega SolarCA20.042,796
2020NextEra Energy Resources LLCS0406Venable Solar 1CA1.53,400
2020NextEra Energy Resources LLCS0407Venable Solar 2CA1.53,420
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0417Victor Dry Farm Ranch ACA5.09,485
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0418Victor Dry Farm Ranch BCA5.09,437
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9274Victor Mesa Linda B2CA2.13,674
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9285Victor Mesa Linda C2CA1.53,644
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0419Victor Mesa Linda D2CA2.13,637
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0420Victor Mesa Linda E2CA2.13,596
2020Not AvailableS0676Victor SolarCA38.260,608
2020Tesla Inc.S0633Visalia USD El Diamante HSCA1.0760
2020Not AvailableS9259Voyager Solar 1 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9260Voyager Solar 2 LLCCA1.52,628
2020Not AvailableS9261Voyager Solar 3 LLCCA1.01,752
2020Not AvailableS9084Wal-MartCA1.01,622
2020Longroad EnergyS0364Walgreens - Moreno ValleyCA1.01,459
2020Tesla Inc.S0623Walmart (CA) - Store #2952 - MurrietaCA1.11,620
2020Tesla Inc.S0709Walnut HighCA1.2755
2020Not AvailableS9018Warmer Packing LLCCA1.01,622
2020Not AvailableS9093Wastewater District West CountyCA1.01,635
2020Not AvailableS0293WattsCA3.05,256
2020Not AvailableS9143Wawona Frozen Foods / Alluvial ProjectCA2.23,568
2020Not AvailableS9144Wawona Frozen Foods / Cedar ProjectCA2.23,568
2020Dominion Solar - CAS0318West Antelope Solar ParkCA20.057,920
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0223West Gates Solar StationCA10.019,004
2020Not AvailableS9154West Los Angeles VA Health Care SystemCA9.015,784
2020Not AvailableS9058West Valley Mission Community CollegeCA1.01,622
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0271Western Antelope Blue Sky Ranch A CA20.045,444
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0568Western Antelope Blue Sky Ranch BCA20.055,068
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S9263Western Antelope Dry RanchCA10.025,973
2020Clenera - Renewable EnergyS9192Westlands Solar FarmsCA18.042,719
2020Westside Assets, LLCS0544Westside PV SolarCA2.04,739
2020Whitney Point SolarS0563Westside Solar LLCCA20.050,306
2020Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)S0138Westside Solar StationCA15.024,389
2020Metropolitan Water DistrictS0527Weymouth Solar PlantCA3.05,005
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0248White River Solar LLC CEDCA20.048,710
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0320White River Solar 2 LLC (White River West)CA19.849,279
2020PSEG Solar Source LLCS0619Whitehorn Solar LLCCA3.35,921
2020Whitney Point SolarS0564Whitney Point Solar LLCCA20.050,394
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0327Wildwood Solar ICA20.042,551
2020Duke Energy RenewablesS0546Wildwood Solar IICA15.034,599
2020D. E. ShawS0656Willow Springs SolarCA108.0253,267
2020Not AvailableS9040Wines US Inc. ConstellationCA1.01,622
2020CED California Holdings LLCS0687Wistaria Ranch SolarCA100.0268,793
2020S-Power (Sustainable Power Group)S0445Woodmere Solar FarmCA15.035,672
2020Yolo County General ServicesS0115Yolo County Solar ProjectCA1.01,332
2020Not AvailableS9078Yuba CollegeCA1.01,622

Solar PV and Solar Thermal Electricity Production (Imported)

YearCompany NameCEC
Plant ID
Plant NameState Capacity (MW) Net MWh
2020Agua Caliente Solar LLCS0242Agua Caliente Solar (AZ)AZ290.0725,116
2020LS PowerS0292Arlington Valley Solar Energy IIAZ129.0361,722
2020Copper Mountain SolarS0243Copper Mountain I (NV)NV58.0119,909
2020Copper Mountain SolarS0244Copper Mountain II (NV)NV155.0371,604
2020Copper Mountain SolarS0295Copper Mountain III (NV)NV255.0628,526
2020Copper Mountain SolarS0540Copper Mountain Solar 4 (NV)NV93.6249,275
2020Mesquite Solar 1 LLCS0254Mesquite Solar 1 (AZ)AZ165.0415,376
2020Mesquite Solar 1 LLCS0561Mesquite Solar 2 (AZ)AZ100.8263,679
2020Mesquite Solar 1 LLCS0562Mesquite Solar 3 (AZ)AZ152.0455,380
2020Silver State Solar Power South, LLCS0436Silver State Power South (NV)NV250.0679,951

Solar PV and Solar Thermal Electricity Production
(Annual Totals; Includes Imports)

Year Capacity (MW) Net MWh

Solar PV and Solar Thermal Electricity Production by County

County Capacity (MW) Net MWh
Clark, NV811.62,049,265
Contra Costa42.574,612
Los Angeles1,241.62,925,326
Maricopa, AZ546.81,496,157
San Benito146.2337,190
San Bernardino1,725.03,164,136
San Diego147.6327,978
San Francisco14.422,356
San Joaquin33.868,025
San Luis Obispo961.82,317,767
Santa Barbara40.093,242
Santa Clara29.546,830
Santa Cruz1.32,108
Yuma, AZ290.0725,116