Home Energy Rating System Booklet - 2011 Updated Edition

Energy Efficiency can be Your Advantage in the Current Home Market

The California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program provides a reliable way to estimate and compare the energy efficiency of California homes and identify cost effective energy saving improvements. Whether you are buying or selling a home, or staying in your current residence, getting a home energy rating or audit will help you determine which upgrades will be most cost effective, yield the highest energy savings, increase the comfort of your home, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As buyers become more aware of the benefits of an energy-efficient home, those with a favorable home energy rating may be more appealing to buyers.

In California, new homes must be built to comply with the latest Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Standards). A majority of homes, however, were built before the first Standards were adopted in 1978, and have limited energy efficiency measures. Additionally, homes built after 1978 continue to have significant opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.

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The 2011 updated edition of the HERS Booklet: What Is Your Home Energy Rating? is an informative publication created by the California Energy Commission to:


The booklet is also available in a black and white version.

Additional information for Businesses and Real Estate Professionals.

See California Civil Code Section 2079.10

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While location is considered an important factor in buying a home, the energy efficiency of a home should also be high on your list of priorities. The Home Buyer's Energy Efficiency Checklist covers the areas you should consider when looking around for properties.

For more information please contact the Energy Standards Hotline.