2009 Integrated Energy Policy Report

Docket # 09-IEP-1, et.al.

Please note that the back-up materials, notices, and support documents for this proceeding have been moved to the Energy Commission's Energy Archive website.

The 2009 Integrated Energy Policy Report Committee that oversaw this proceeding was:

Jeffrey D. Byron,
Commissioner and Presiding Member

James D. Boyd,
Vice Chair and Associate Member

2009 IEPR Committee Final Report

2009 Integrated Energy Policy Report, Commission Final Report.
Adopted December 16, 2009. Publication # CEC-100-2009-003-CMF.
(PDF file, 272 pgs., 10 MB - please note size!)

California Energy Demand 2010-2020 - Commission Adopted Forecast
and Demand Forecast Forms. Adopted December 2, 2009. Publication # CEC-100-2009-012-CMF.
(PDF file and links to Excel files of forms)

Strategic Transmission Investment Plan - Commission Adopted Report
Publication # CEC-700-2009-011-CMF. Adopted December 16, 2009.
(PDF file, 193 pages, 1.7 megabytes)